Mariah Carey, the renowned pop diva, has recently sparked a flurry of reactions with her candid admissions on "The Jennifer Hudson Show." The 54-year-old singer, known for her extravagant lifestyle and fashion choices, revealed some surprising personal preferences that have left fans and critics abuzz.

During her appearance, Carey was asked by Jennifer Hudson about the most casual item in her wardrobe. Surprisingly, the singer confessed she doesn't own any sneakers. "Probably some hideous slides that someone made me purchase," Carey stated, explaining that sneakers give her blisters. Even heels, her usual go-to footwear, are not entirely comfortable, leading her to prefer slippers.

This revelation quickly lit up social media, with users commenting on Carey's perceived detachment from everyday life. One user labeled her "weird and out of touch," while others playfully noted her diva-like fashion habits and her apparent immunity to the discomforts of high heels.

The discussion extended to Carey's driving habits, where she admitted to not having a driver's license. The "All I Want for Christmas" singer explained that her license expired seven years ago and she hadn't renewed it. Hudson was surprised to learn that Carey prefers being driven around, to which the singer responded, "It's just better for me to just go with somebody in the car and not drive."

In addition to her lifestyle choices, Carey also touched on her favorite Christmas song, revealing that it's not her iconic hit but Nat King Cole's version of "The Christmas Song."

The "Queen of Christmas" has faced recent controversies beyond fashion and driving preferences. Musician Andy Stone filed a lawsuit against Carey, claiming her famous holiday song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" infringed on his copyright. Stone alleged that about 50% of Carey's song is an infringement of his 1989 hit of the same name.

Carey's remarks on the show have stirred diverse reactions, from admiration for her unabashed diva persona to criticism for being out of touch with everyday realities. Regardless, Mariah Carey continues to captivate the public with her unique blend of talent and personality, making her a constant topic of conversation in the entertainment world.