K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY, known for rewriting the 'miracle of a small-scale agency' with a 25-week charting on the Billboard main charts, faces a changed landscape in their first anniversary.

As of November 18, FIFTY FIFTY's official account has mostly shifted its focus to member Keena, replacing most of the background photos and revealing her concept photo for the first anniversary.

After debuting only five months ago with 'cupid,' FIFTY FIFTY reached No. 17 on Billboard's 'Hot 100,' emerging as a global rookie group. However, in June, the group's agency, Attrakt, faced a provisional injunction for alleged non-compliance with financial transparency and failure in physical and mental care of its members.

In August, the court rejected this injunction, and FIFTY FIFTY appealed, indicating ongoing conflicts between the members and the agency. Unexpectedly, member Keena decided to return, causing a rift. Keena accused producer An Seong-il of The Givers of instigating the contract dispute. With evidence, including recorded conversations, being revealed, Attrakt announced the contract termination of members Jung Se-hyun, Jung Ji-ho, and Jung Eun-ah, stating, "The three members have shown no remorse or correction for their severe contract violations. We will discuss further actions against them."

Jung Se-hyun (Saena), Jung Ji-ho (Sio), and Jung Eun-ah (Aran) vowed to continue their legal battle, but the public has largely turned away from them. Meanwhile, Keena, who returned to the agency, will attend the Billboard Music Awards as the sole member of FIFTY FIFTY, marking her first public appearance since the dispute. Despite evident nervousness, Kina smiled as she departed for the U.S.

The FIFTY FIFTY official account also commemorated the group's first anniversary with celebratory posts and concept photos. Until last month, the account celebrated the birthdays of Sio and Aran, but now the former members' presence is absent following their contract termination.

FIFTY FIFTY is nominated for the 'Top Duo/Group' and 'Top Global K-pop Song' categories at the '2023 Billboard Music Awards' in Las Vegas, scheduled for November 19th (local time).