Hollywood star Ben Affleck's penchant for fast food is making headlines again, this time with a parking mishap at a Santa Monica Jack in the Box. The 51-year-old actor, known for his role as Batman, was reportedly so eager to dig into his burger that he parked his car in a no-parking zone on November 1. After a brief interaction with an officer, Affleck relocated his vehicle to enjoy his meal in peace.

Affleck's fast-food habits, which include frequent visits to establishments like Dunkin' Donuts and Jack in the Box, have seemingly influenced his wife, Jennifer Lopez, known for her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In October, the couple was seen indulging in McDonald's meals three days in a row, a stark contrast to Lopez's typical dietary preferences.

An insider close to the couple revealed that Lopez has relaxed her rigorous health regimen to better connect with Affleck, who reportedly shuns home-cooked meals in favor of takeout.

"It's totally out of character for Jennifer, but it speaks volumes about how desperate she is to reconnect with Ben," the source shared. The change in eating habits has reportedly led to Lopez feeling "puffy and lethargic," with the singer expressing concerns about love handles.

Affleck's fondness for fast food is well-documented. In the past, he starred in advertisements for Dunkin' Donuts and was often photographed enjoying their iced coffees. His relationship with Jack in the Box also has a history; in August 2018, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner accompanied him to the eatery before his third rehab stint, and he previously treated Playboy model Shauna Sexton to a meal at the same location.

The shift in dietary habits for Lopez appears to have had a positive impact on the couple's marriage. Sources indicate that their relationship is flourishing, with one insider stating, "Their relationship is still on fire. They are really happy with each other, and there's no drama in their relationship right now."

This latest development in the Affleck-Lopez household underscores the compromises and adjustments that couples often make to strengthen their bond. For Affleck and Lopez, balancing their health-conscious lifestyle with indulgent fast-food escapades seems to be a recipe for marital happiness, even if it occasionally leads to parking in the wrong spot.

Globe magazine reported on the source's comments.