Vladimir Putin's rumored long-term partner, Alina Kabaeva, is at the center of a scandal following accusations that she may be the source behind the circulating rumors of the Russian leader's alleged death. In an unexpected turn, Kremlin insiders have pointed fingers at Kabaeva, suggesting she leaked this potentially false information.

Anthony Glees, a professor at Brunel University, speculates on the motive behind such a leak, considering Kabaeva's intimate connection with Putin. He questions, "What first attracted gorgeous Alina to a thin, poker-faced killer?"

Glees suggests that if Putin has indeed passed away, as claimed by General SVR on October 25, Kabaeva may feel compelled to lay low, drawing parallels to the fate of Adolf Hitler's companions.

This news follows recent reports from the Russian Telegram channel General SVR, which alleged Putin suffered a severe heart attack, leading to his death and subsequent replacement by a doppelganger. Kabaeva, a former Olympic gymnast, was last publicly seen in Sochi on October 22 and is reportedly under virtual house arrest at Putin's Summer Palace in Valdai.

Furthermore, investigations into Putin's assets have revealed yet another luxury yacht, 'Victoria,' valued at £40 million and allegedly a favorite of Kabaeva. This yacht, now in a NATO shipyard in Turkey for upgrades, is rumored to be part of Putin's impressive private fleet. The vessel features lavish decor, including a giant round bed with a mirrored ceiling, suggesting it's tailored for Putin and Kabaeva's use.

The yacht's existence adds to the narrative of Putin's opulent lifestyle, which contrasts sharply with his public persona. With its connections to elite circles and luxury amenities, 'Victoria' offers a glimpse into the private world of Putin and his rumored consort.

These revelations add layers to the enigmatic relationship between Putin and Kabaeva, fueling further speculation about their personal and political ties. The implications of these rumors, if true, could have significant repercussions, both within Russia and on the international stage.