On the morning of December 1 (Korean Time), a press conference was held at the Andaz Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul, to celebrate the release of ATEEZ's (members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, Jongho) second full album, 'THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL'.

Hongjoong introduced the album saying, "This album, our second full album in four years, is a compilation that encompasses where ATEEZ is headed post our 5th debut anniversary, showing our evolution and versatility with a variety of genres and unit songs."

Mingi added, "It's the final album of 'The World' series. We've woven a narrative throughout, and I hope everyone enjoys the different mood and songs compared to our previous works."

Regarding the title song 'Crazy Form', Yeosang said, "It's a track that encapsulates ATEEZ's irreplaceable charm, packed with the members' crazy forms. We would be grateful if a lot of people listen to it."

Wooyoung shared, "It's a song where ATEEZ's strong performance skills really stand out. It's a great track, and I hope it receives a lot of love, along with the other songs on the album."

ATEEZ's second full album 'THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL' includes a total of 12 songs such as 'Crazy Form (Crazy Form)', 'WE KNOW', 'Emergency', 'ARRIBA', 'Silver Light', 'Crescent Part.2', 'Dreamy Day', 'MATZ', 'IT's You', 'Youth', 'Everything', and 'FIN: WILL'.

Additionally, the album once again showcases the synergy of the trusted combination with the production team 'Eden-ary', led by EDEN.

Hongjoong said, "We prepared a regular album with 12 tracks. While preparing, we thought our previous full album received good feedback during tours from fans and the public. Instead of reducing the number of songs, we wanted to pack it with high-quality tracks. We felt the absence of unit and solo songs during our tours, so we included them in this album. We put a lot of thought into blending unit and solo songs within the ATEEZ universe."

He continued, "We also tried new genres to ensure our music isn't too standardized, keeping in mind both the public appeal and ATEEZ's unique color."

Significantly, this new release by ATEEZ features all members' names in the credits, with Hongjoong and Mingi contributing to composition and lyrics, demonstrating their exceptional musical capabilities.

Jongho shared his experience with songwriting, "All eight members participated in writing lyrics. This was my first time writing, so I put a lot of thought into it. I even went to Han River on a rainy day to write. I tried to include various meanings and found it a good experience recalling memories while writing."

Lastly, addressing the domestic recognition compared to their international fame, Hongjoong confidently stated, "It's a question that often follows ATEEZ. We believe that popularity and recognition naturally follow the music and results we produce. After contemplating our domestic and international recognition over the past five years, we seriously considered what we can do to increase our domestic recognition. We came to the conclusion that ATEEZ is a group that proves itself on stage. While we will show good content, we believe that maintaining our current course of action will naturally improve our domestic recognition. We don't plan to restructure our approach and will continue to work hard as we have been."

Meanwhile, ATEEZ's second full album 'THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL' was released at 2 PM on December 1st.