Members of the groups BTS and BLACKPINK, V and Jennie, respectively, have been engulfed in breakup rumors. Despite never officially confirming their relationship following numerous dating rumors, it appears as though breakup speculations have emerged as if they were in a public relationship. Both of their agencies have chosen to remain silent on this matter as well.

On December 6, reports of V and Jennie's alleged breakup surfaced. Big Hit Music, representing V, and YG Entertainment, representing Jennie, did not issue any official statement regarding these rumors.

The first dating rumors involving V and Jennie emerged in May. At that time, stories and photos alleging to show the two on a date in Jeju Island spread across online communities, igniting the dating rumors. Both agencies refrained from making any official comments then.

Three months later, in August, another incident occurred where everyday photos of individuals believed to be Jennie and V were leaked online. Although YG issued a statement requesting a police investigation into the leakage of Jennie's private photos, the company remained silent on the dating speculations.

In May of the following year, a video purportedly showing V and Jennie on a date in Paris spread online. At the time, both were individually in France for their schedules, adding weight to the rumors of their romance.

Despite this, neither of their agencies has ever released any statement regarding these rumors, leading to the emergence of breakup speculations a year and a half after the first reports of their dating.

Coincidentally, V is set to enlist in the military on the 11th of this month, having applied to serve in the Capital Defense Command. Other BTS members including RM, Jimin, and Jungkook are also enlisting around the same time, with the entire group fulfilling their military duties. If the rumors of their relationship and subsequent breakup are true, V's impending enlistment may have played a significant role.

On the same day that breakup rumors surfaced, BLACKPINK, Jennie's group, announced a new beginning. The group reported renewing their contract with YG Entertainment, garnering much attention. Although individual exclusive contracts are still under negotiation, the group has confirmed plans for releasing a new album and embarking on a world tour.