Jay Park, the head of More Vision and singer, and singer Jessi have both rebutted rumors of a conflict between them.

On December 7, Jay Park addressed the issue on his SNS, saying, "Jessi and I are on good terms. There's no need to worry. There's no discord."

Similarly, Jessi commented, "Just arrived in New York. Woke up to ridiculous rumors. People need to live right," adding, "(Everything with) Jay Park is fine. Have a happy holiday."

This comes after reports on December 6th suggested that Jessi was in conflict with Jay Park's More Vision, leading to a potential contract termination just eight months into the agreement. Further speculation arose when Jessi unilaterally canceled her music show appearance. She was scheduled to appear on 'Music Bank' on October 27th but did not attend. At that time, More Vision attributed her absence to "a sudden deterioration in health condition."

However, it was reported that Jessi had expressed dissatisfaction with More Vision for not securing a pre-recording schedule for 'Music Bank' and subsequently decided not to appear on the show. There were suspicions that she had put a 'complete stop' to her music show schedule, but her stance was that it was "not planned in the first place."

According to reports, the conflict between Jessi and More Vision started around the release of Jessi's new song 'Gum' in October. The disagreement reportedly intensified, leading to difficulties in mending their relationship, prompting speculation about contract termination.

In response, More Vision cautiously stated to OSEN in the afternoon, "We are checking the facts." A 'Music Bank' official also told OSEN, "There is no official position regarding Jessi's appearance."

Jessi had signed an exclusive contract with Jay Park's More Vision in April after leaving Psy's P Nation. During her activities for 'Gum', she appeared on SBS Radio 'Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time', where she mentioned her health, saying, "After leaving my previous agency, I worked independently. I learned a lot and felt betrayed by people. I think my body broke down without realizing it while enduring."