K-pop group BTS is stirring up a buzz with various activities as they approach their complete hiatus due to military enlistment.

BTS members RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will enlist as active-duty soldiers next week. RM and V are scheduled to enlist on the 11th, while Jimin and Jungkook will join them on the 12th, marking a joint enlistment. To prevent any accidents, specific locations and times have not been disclosed, and no official events will take place. Big Hit Music has also requested that fans refrain from visiting the site.

With Jin having enlisted last December and J-Hope and Suga currently serving, the enlistment of the remaining four members will mark a complete hiatus for the group. Amidst global fans' disappointment, the members continue to actively engage with their fans until their enlistment.

Last month, Jungkook released his first full album 'Golden', sweeping the US Billboard charts and actively communicating with fans through various domestic and international broadcast stages. V, who released his first solo album 'Layover' in September and was active on the global stage, recently reappeared on the SBS variety show 'Running Man', showcasing his unique charm. He is also expected to meet fans during his military service by appearing in the music video for IU's song, scheduled for release in the first half of next year.

On the 5th, the four members came together for a live broadcast, sharing their honest thoughts. Although Jungkook previously mentioned his enlistment in a personal live broadcast, stating, "I will start a new journey this December. I promise to return more mature and ready to take the stage," it was the first time the members gathered to discuss their enlistment in detail.

Regarding their decision to enlist together, the members stated, "We decided to do this to see BTS as a complete group as soon as possible." They added, "We're looking forward to the synergy we'll create when we're together again. We'll spend the next year and a half with joy and return." BTS and Big Hit Music had previously announced a contract renewal and a full-group comeback in 2025, demonstrating a solid commitment to group activities.

V mentioned, "One realizes the value of togetherness after being apart," and RM said, "When we return, having learned and grown, we'll have a lot to say and energy to give as BTS. Look forward to our true Chapter 2."

BTS, known for achieving global success with their heartfelt music, has handled their joint military enlistment decisively, showcasing their strong teamwork and high profile in the industry. Thus, fans can expect to see the complete group of BTS in the latter half of 2025.