The legendary Cher is currently entangled in a complex legal and personal crisis that insiders allege is severely impacting her mental health. At 77, the superstar is reportedly enduring episodes of manic depression, a situation exacerbated by a contentious legal dispute over the care of her son, Elijah Blue Allman, who has faced challenges with substance abuse.

The crux of the matter lies in Cher's bid for conservatorship over Elijah, 47, which was met with resistance from his wife, Marieangela "Queenie" King. In a dramatic legal filing, King has claimed that Cher, whom she accuses of suffering from bipolar disorder, lacks the capacity to manage Elijah's affairs or her own. King's declaration in court documents is startling: "To my knowledge, the petitioner has never known the security code to her own home, does not drive, does not prepare her own meals or dress herself," shedding light on the daily realities that contradict Cher's public persona, as reported by Globe magazine.

The court's decision to deny Cher's conservatorship plea, pointing to Elijah's current state of sobriety, adds a layer of complexity to the family's strained dynamics. Those close to Cher suggest that the legal skirmish and King's allegations have left the singer distraught. "Cher is a wreck over Marieangela's accusations, calling them a pack of lies," a source divulged, highlighting the toll the situation has taken on the singer.

Amid this turmoil, Cher is also mourning the recent loss of her mother, Georgia Holt, in December 2022, while navigating a reportedly rocky relationship with music producer Alexander "AE" Edwards, 37. These personal issues compound the stress Cher is facing, illustrating the multifaceted challenges in her life.

Cher's health has been a concern for some time, with the singer attributing past incapacitations to severe migraines, infections, and Epstein-Barr virus. However, King's recent allegations have sparked speculation about the role of mental health in Cher's overall well-being.

Despite her struggles, Cher has been open about her battle with depression, offering a glimpse into her vulnerabilities. "When you have depression, sometimes you feel like you're completely alone," Cher has candidly shared, reflecting a sentiment that resonates with many who have faced similar challenges.

As the conservatorship battle unfolds, friends of Cher express concern for her mental and physical health, noting her acute anxiety and late-night obsessing over social media. "She's up at all hours with anxiety, dialing friends and obsessing over social media," a pal revealed, indicating the depth of Cher's distress.

This ongoing saga not only highlights the difficulties of managing mental health in the limelight but also underscores the complex interplay of family relationships, legal entanglements, and the relentless gaze of public scrutiny that characterizes celebrity life.

Through these trials, Cher's resilience and her legacy as a performer and advocate remain undiminished, even as she confronts one of the most challenging periods of her personal and professional journey.