In a recent commentary, Candace Owens, the conservative pundit, has stirred the pot by suggesting that Prince Harry is under the sway of Meghan Markle's ambitions to secure a foothold in Hollywood.

Speaking on GB News, Owens articulated her conviction that the Duchess of Sussex has masterfully steered their move to the United States to align with her long-held aspirations of A-list stardom-an ambition she struggled to attain on the strength of her acting prowess alone.

"Meghan's dream was always LA. She couldn't climb to A-list status as an actress, so she cleverly navigated her way there by marrying into royalty," Owens stated, insinuating that Prince Harry, whom she perceives as less astute than his wife, has become an unwitting pawn in Meghan's grand design.

The commentator didn't mince words when discussing the couple's plummeting popularity, attributing their declining public interest to their numerous tell-all endeavors and changing political dynamics. "The initial enthusiasm that greeted their move has waned considerably. The appetite for Harry and Meghan stories has markedly diminished," Owens remarked, highlighting a growing disinterest in the couple's narrative.

Owens also castigated Prince Harry for his hasty return to the U.S. following a brief visit to the UK amid King Charles III's health concerns, suggesting that such actions have not sat well with the American audience. "Americans are distinctly unimpressed with Harry's fleeting visit to his ailing father, only to rush back stateside," she commented, reinforcing her belief in Meghan's manipulative hold over Harry.

In her conversation with Nigel Farage on GBN America, Owens delved deeper into Meghan's alleged strategy to dismantle the Royal Family's traditional structures under the guise of addressing racism and other noble causes. "Meghan sought to dismantle the Royal Family, cloaking her actions in the guise of addressing noble issues like racism," Owens claimed, casting doubt on the couple's motivations.

Farage, echoing Owens's sentiments, pointed to the irreparable rifts Prince Harry's revelations in "Spare" have caused within the Royal Family. "The Royal Family's forgiveness hinges on Harry's willingness to apologize. Yet, the prevailing narrative is Meghan's exploitation of Harry's royal lineage for personal gain," Farage stated, underlining the deep-seated tensions within the royal household.

This unfolding discourse paints a complex picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's post-royal life, dissected and debated by commentators like Owens and Farage. Their analysis sheds light on the intricate dynamics at play, revealing a saga of ambition, manipulation, and the quest for redemption within the storied halls of the Royal Family.