Prince Harry's recent fleeting visit to the UK has reignited discussions about his standing within the Royal Family, with some commentators suggesting that the Duke of Sussex is increasingly viewed as unwelcome. During a brief stopover ostensibly to visit his father, King Charles, who is battling cancer, Harry's interactions-or lack thereof-with other family members underscored the deep rifts that have emerged since his departure from royal duties.

The visit, lasting less than an hour and devoid of any engagement with his brother, Prince William, or other key figures like Queen Camilla, has been interpreted by some as a clear indication of Harry's marginalized position within the monarchy. Royal biographer Tom Bower, speaking to GB News, minced no words in his assessment: "He hasn't got many friends left in England. He's cut them all off. He's an outsider, he's an outcast."

Bower's critique extended to questioning the motives behind Harry's visit, casting it as a self-serving attempt to maintain public favor rather than a genuine gesture of familial concern. "Why did he suddenly dash over? It was all his self-interest. It was a gimmick. It was to get publicity," Bower asserted, painting the Duke's actions in a distinctly opportunistic light and calling the short visit a "PR stunt" .

"I do hope now that Harry was sort of kicked out after 30 minutes having flown from California, not invited to stay the night in any of the many Palace bedrooms, I think he's now got the message he's not welcome in Britain." Bower claimed, as reported by the Daily Express.

The lack of a warm reception for Harry, as suggested by his brief interaction with the King and the absence of an invitation to stay longer, has fueled speculation that the Royal Family is sending a tacit message about his place within the fold. Bower's blunt advice that Harry "should be firmly told not to bother coming back anymore" encapsulates the sentiment that the Duke's estrangement from the monarchy might now be irrevocable.

Meghan Markle's absence from the visit, remaining in the U.S. with their children, further highlights the couple's complex relationship with the Royal Family. Since their move to America and the subsequent release of interviews and Harry's biography "Spare," which aired grievances about their royal experiences, the Sussexes' standing has been a subject of intense public and media scrutiny.

As the Royal Family navigates the delicate balance of public perception and private dynamics amid King Charles's health concerns, Prince Harry's place within this storied institution remains fraught with tension and uncertainty. The cold reception to his brief UK visit serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges and divisions that have come to define the Sussexes' relationship with the monarchy.