The simmering tension between pop icon Selena Gomez and model Hailey Bieber has flared up once more, this time with an unexpected catalyst: a phone case belonging to Gomez's boyfriend, music producer Benny Blanco.

Blanco's choice of a peculiar phone case, featuring a life-sized hotdog sandwich, has become the latest flashpoint in the ongoing saga, drawing comparisons to Hailey Bieber's phone case promoting her skincare brand, Rhode Skin, and its popular lip peptide treatment.

The comparison has ignited a firestorm of speculation and commentary across social media platforms, with some users accusing Blanco of subtly throwing shade at Bieber. Critics of Gomez and Blanco have voiced concerns over what they perceive as an unhealthy fixation on Bieber and her husband, Justin Bieber, with one user remarking, "Selena and whoever she dates will always be miserable because she's still obsessed with Hailey and Justin."

Conversely, defenders of Gomez and Blanco argue that the perceived similarities between the two phone cases are coincidental, dismissing the criticism as baseless. Amidst this controversy, the longstanding rivalry between Gomez and Bieber remains a topic of intense discussion among netizens, fueled by past incidents that have included perceived slights and social media jabs, such as Bieber's alleged mockery of Gomez's over-laminated brows and Gomez's reaction to a video involving Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Despite attempts by both parties to quell the feud, including a joint photo op that aimed to present a united front, the online community continues to scrutinize their every move for signs of ongoing rivalry. Some fans even suggest that Bieber's recent inclusion of her grandmother in a cooking show segment mirrors Gomez's "Selena + Chef" series, further intensifying the debate.

At the heart of the matter is the complex web of relationships and public breakups that have defined Gomez and Bieber's connection, primarily through Justin Bieber's swift transition from his long-term relationship with Gomez to his marriage to Hailey Bieber. This history has cast a long shadow over Gomez's attempts to move forward, particularly with her new relationship with Benny Blanco, whom she affectionately refers to as her "bes fwend" and "absolute everything" on social media.

As the saga unfolds, the involvement of a seemingly innocuous phone case underscores the persistent scrutiny and speculation that surround the lives of these public figures. The ongoing narrative not only reflects the personal dynamics between Gomez, Blanco, and the Biebers but also highlights the broader celebrity culture that magnifies every gesture and statement, fueling endless speculation and debate among their respective fan bases.