The spotlight has once again turned to the dynamics within the British Royal Family, particularly focusing on Prince Harry's response to his father's health crisis. Renowned royal commentator Ingrid Seward has offered a stark piece of advice to the Duke of Sussex in light of recent events: "back off." This counsel comes after Prince Harry made an impromptu journey from his residence in California to the United Kingdom, a decision that has stirred considerable debate among royal watchers and insiders alike.

Seward, the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, shared her perspective with Fabulous, expressing concern over the potential stress induced by Prince Harry's "impulsive behavior" on the 75-year-old monarch. "The stress of Prince Harry's impulsive behaviour cannot have helped the King's health," she remarked, highlighting the physical and psychological toll such a whirlwind visit could exact on King Charles. The King, who remains "wholly positive" following his treatment, had his recovery period unexpectedly punctuated by his son's fleeting visit, which lasted a mere 30 minutes.

The logistics of Prince Harry's visit have also come under scrutiny. Seward pointed out the impracticalities and environmental impact of the Duke's 11-hour transatlantic flight, only to spend a short time with his father. "To a man of his vintage - he is 76 this year - the idea of someone flying 11 hours across the Atlantic to see him for less than an hour is madness," she stated, emphasizing the undue strain this could place on the King.

Beyond the visit itself, Seward criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's approach to publicizing their personal and philanthropic endeavors. She suggested that the couple's constant presence in the media spotlight might not be serving them well. "Harry needs to back off and learn to live his life without publicising everything he and Meghan are doing," she advised, hinting that a more reserved approach could potentially endear them to the public more than continuous announcements and appearances.

The backdrop to this familial episode is King Charles's health, which has understandably caused concern within the Royal Family and among the public. Despite the gravity of the situation, Seward argued that Prince Harry's hasty reaction, though possibly well-intentioned, might not have been in the best interest of his father's well-being. "Of course, it was touching of Harry to rush to his dad but in reality, it can't have done much good for either of them," she reflected, questioning the efficacy of such a brief encounter in providing genuine support.

Prince Harry, in a recent interview with Good Morning America, shared his sentiments about the family's situation, emphasizing his love and concern. "I love my family. The fact I was able to get on a plane and see him and spend any time with him - I'm grateful for that," he stated, suggesting that his father's illness could serve as a catalyst for healing within the Royal Family. "Any illness, any sickness brings family together," he added, highlighting the unifying potential of shared challenges.

The Royal Family's response to King Charles's illness, particularly Prince Harry's actions, reflects the complex interplay of personal feelings, public expectations, and the unique pressures faced by the monarchy. As the situation unfolds, the balance between offering support and respecting boundaries remains a delicate matter, with Prince Harry's recent visit sparking discussions about the most appropriate ways to navigate familial relationships in the public eye.