As President Joe Biden gears up for his State of the Union address, a recent Fox News poll paints a challenging picture for the administration, with significant disapproval from voters on key national issues. The poll reveals that a majority of voters are dissatisfied with Biden's handling of priorities such as border security, where 71% believe the administration has failed to improve the situation. This sentiment is underscored by the fact that 78% of respondents view the border situation as a crisis or a major problem, with a substantial portion of Democrats also expressing concern.

The poll further indicates widespread disapproval of Biden's efforts to unify the country, enhance national safety, manage the economy, and bolster America's global image. Additionally, more than half of the respondents feel Biden has not adequately supported working-class Americans. While the ratings are slightly more favorable on climate change and aid to the African American community, the overall sentiment remains largely negative.

This dissatisfaction extends to perceptions of Biden's age and capability to serve effectively. A New York Times/Siena College poll found that 61% of Biden's 2020 voters now question his ability to serve another term due to his age. This concern is shared by 73% of registered voters polled, including a significant number of Democrats, despite Biden's historical achievement as the oldest-serving U.S. president.

In contrast, concerns about age seem less pronounced for Donald Trump, Biden's likely opponent, with only 42% of registered voters questioning his capacity to serve effectively due to age. Trump's supporters, in particular, show little apprehension about his age affecting his presidential capabilities.

The Fox News survey also highlights a broad sense of dissatisfaction among voters with the country's direction under Biden's leadership, with 72% expressing unhappiness and only 27% satisfied with the current state of affairs. This sentiment is a stark contrast to the optimism at the start of Biden's term and reflects growing concerns about the economy and national unity.

Despite these challenges, there is a slight uptick in optimism about the economy, with 26% feeling positive, the highest in two years. However, the majority opinion remains critical, with 73% rating economic conditions negatively. This sentiment is consistent across party lines, with significant portions of Democrats, Republicans, and independents expressing pessimism about the economy.

Voters also show a marked preference for Trump over Biden in a hypothetical rematch, with Trump leading by 5 percentage points. This preference reflects not only concerns about Biden's age and effectiveness but also a comparative assessment of their policies' impact on voters' lives.

As Biden prepares to address the nation, these poll results underscore the significant challenges he faces in convincing voters of his administration's successes amidst widespread concerns about key issues, leadership effectiveness, and the overall direction of the country.