BTS V's new single 'FRI(END)S' music video has shined in popularity by topping the global music video charts immediately after its release. The music video for V's digital single 'FRI(END)S,' released on March 15, debuted at number 1 in the YouTube World Trend Music section from the first day and maintained the top spot for 14 consecutive days, proving its hot popularity.

On Tidal, one of the top three global music platforms, the music video broke records as the first and highest-ranked K-pop artist. The 'FRI(END)S' music video reached the number 1 spot on the US Tidal 'Daily Top Videos' chart, marking the first time a K-pop artist has achieved this feat, and also claimed the top position on the UK Tidal 'Top Video Chart.'

Following his first number 1 spot on the UK Tidal 'Top Video Chart' with 'Love Me Again' from his solo album Layover, V has taken the top spot again with 'FRI(END)S.' The 'FRI(END)S' music video also topped the UK Apple Music Video Chart. Additionally, it secured the number 1 position in the 'Apple Music Top Music Videos' charts in India, Singapore, and Nepal, number 1 in the French 'Apple Music K-pop Music Videos' chart, and number 2 in Germany.

'FRI(END)S' lyrically expresses the desire to transition from a long-standing friendship to a romantic relationship. The music video intriguingly presents two contrasting versions of V, akin to parallel theories, stimulating viewers' imaginations. In the video, V's nuanced acting and emotional expression in contrasting situations of being single and in a couple garnered high praise.

Two weeks after its release, the music video's popularity is still strong, with UK's MTV Music introducing the 'FRI(END)S' video on their official account, stating, "This song is stuck in my head. It's the most viewed music video of the week," further proving its enduring popularity.