Amid Princess Kate's recent cancer diagnosis, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, faces scrutiny over the timing of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. Royal experts urge sensitivity as the royal family navigates this health crisis, highlighting the intricate balance between personal ambition and public empathy.

The announcement came on the heels of a deeply personal revelation from Princess Kate, the Princess of Wales, about her current battle with cancer, spotlighting the delicate balance of personal ambition and public sensitivity.

American Riviera Orchard, Markle's latest venture, was unveiled last month through a newly established Instagram page adorned with the brand's logo—a crest symbolizing its identity. A corresponding website invites potential customers to join a waiting list, signaling the anticipation of the brand's full-scale debut.

Offering an array of products, from home decor and gourmet jams to pet accessories, the brand aims to carve out its niche in the lifestyle domain. Additionally, rumors have surfaced about a complementary cooking show set to launch on Netflix, further expanding Markle's footprint in the digital and entertainment landscape.

This entrepreneurial move, however, unfolds against the backdrop of Princess Kate's candid disclosure of her cancer diagnosis. In a moving announcement, the future queen shared her undergoing preventative chemotherapy, drawing worldwide attention and support. Amid this family health crisis, concerns have been raised about the timing of Markle's brand launch, emphasizing the importance of empathy and tact.

Daily Express reported that Lynn Carratt, a PR specialist from Press Box PR, offered nuanced advice to the Duchess, considering Princess Kate's and King Charles's ongoing treatment.

Carratt suggested, "As Meghan is no longer part of the Monarchy, she is free to launch her brand whenever she likes. However, given Kate's ongoing cancer treatments, it would be wise for Meghan to be sensitive to the timing of her brand launch, considering the public support for Kate worldwide."

The expert recommended that Markle advance her brand's development discreetly. A period of low public visibility and behind-the-scenes work on her brand could allow for a more favorable reception in light of the royal family's current challenges.

"Meghan should keep a low profile and show support for her in-laws publicly," Carratt advised. This strategy could enable the Duchess to pursue her business aspirations without detracting from the royal family's public image or appearing insensitive to their health struggles.

As for Princess Kate's health update, recent reports have not provided new information since the initial announcement. The royal family has maintained privacy regarding her treatment progress, reflecting their traditional approach to personal matters. The global community continues to rally to support the Princess of Wales, with many expressing admiration for her courage and transparency.

In the broader context, Meghan Markle's business venture reflects her ongoing journey to redefine her public identity and professional focus after retiring from senior royal duties. Alongside her husband, Prince Harry, Markle has embarked on various projects aimed at philanthropy, content production, and entrepreneurship. Their efforts to establish an independent platform, distinct from the royal brand, underscore a desire to influence public discourse and champion causes close to their hearts.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry, known within the royal family as the "spare" due to his position in the line of succession, reportedly feels his role more acutely in the wake of this family health crisis. Royal commentator Dr. Tessa Dunlop shared insights with The Mirror, suggesting that the Duke of Sussex might perceive his place within the royal family as more marginal than ever following his sister-in-law's announcement.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who allegedly learned of Princess Kate's health issues concurrently with the global public, have extended their well-wishes to her, emphasizing their hopes for her "health and healing" in a public statement. Additionally, it's understood they reached out to the Wales family in a more personal capacity.

This period marks a poignant chapter in Prince Harry's relationship with the royal family, characterized by distance and nuanced complexity. Dunlop underscored the delicate position in which Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, find themselves. They are urged to navigate their public appearances and statements with exceptional care as the timing and optics of their actions are scrutinized now more than ever.

Dunlop sympathized with Harry and Meghan, acknowledging the challenging dynamics at play. She reflected on the inherent tension between personal grievances and familial bonds, noting, "In our own families, how many of us hold back our feelings on the off-chance a sibling or sister-in-law might get sick?" This rhetorical question underscores the unique pressures the Sussexes face, amplified by the global stage on which they operate.

The relationship between Prince Harry and Princess Kate, once portrayed as close-knit, has evolved significantly, particularly in light of Harry's candid memoir, "Spare," and the Sussexes' subsequent actions and statements about their royal experience. Dunlop suggested that these developments and the current health crisis may impact the Sussex brand, especially as public attention and sympathy overwhelmingly lean towards Kate during this challenging time.