Meghan Markle, embarking on an ambitious new venture with American Riviera Orchard, is reportedly investing heavily in a bid to redefine her public image and professional path amid significant personal stakes and public scrutiny.

The Duchess of Sussex recently unveiled her new personal brand, America Riviera Orchard. The brand is said to be named after Meghan and Prince Harry's $14 million estate in Montecito, California, a celebrity hotspot. The company will sell crockery, serving ware, and tablecloths to coincide with a new cooking show on Netflix.

“It’s a huge undertaking, and she’s up all night going through every possible outcome. She’s doing a great job of putting on a big show of being very confident, but the truth is she’s dealing with a whole lot of anxiety, an unnamed source told Globe Magazine.

“She is betting millions on this and has used every connection she could think of, not to mention all her creative juices. If it doesn’t succeed, it will be devastating,” the insider said.

And, to be honest, not everyone is blown away by Meghan's plans to transform herself into a jewel-encrusted domestic duchess. Some critics describe her business as a pathetic copycat, a rip-off of Martha Stewart's and Gwyneth Paltrow's homemaking lifestyle brands.

“She realizes there will be comparisons to other brands like Martha’s and Gwyneth’s, but she wants this to be a turbocharged version of what [Gwyneth] and Martha do.” Meghan’s brand will focus on her life as a wife, mother, and domestic,” the informant said.

“If it works out it’ll be brilliant, but if it doesn’t, she knows full well it’s disaster time, not just because of all the money and time they’ve poured into it. Their whole brand and reputation are on the line here,” it went on.

As previously reported by the Globe, Prince Harry and Meghan, who abandoned their royal duties to travel to America to become A-list power players, have seen their plans fall apart. They turned people off with nasty public comments and Harry's memoir, "Spare," which portrayed his family as coldhearted and racist.

A deal with Spotify to create podcasts highlighting concerns about society's future fell through because a source claimed Meghan and Prince Harry were lazy and did not put in the required effort. A tattler suggested their rumored $100 million deal with Netflix would not be renewed because the couple failed to develop money-making projects.

Meghan's brand launch appears to be a last-ditch effort to raise the necessary funds. According to sources, Prince Harry and Meghan are in financial trouble due to canceled projects and overspending to support their lavish lifestyle, and they are on track to lose even more money if they do not change their ways.

“It’s no wonder Meghan’s losing sleep over this and working her fingers to the bone. It really is make-or-break time,” the informant furthered.

Meanwhile, Meghan may be poised to reengage with the world of social media influence following the launch of her new brand, American Riviera Orchard, on March 14, according to industry experts. With a fresh website and Instagram account introduced alongside a captivating black-and-white promotional video, the Duchess of Sussex has sparked speculation about her potential return to the influencer scene.

Despite a period of inactivity on these platforms since their launch, the former actress's successful history as the creator of the lifestyle blog The Tig, which she discontinued in 2017 ahead of her marriage to Prince Harry, underscores her adeptness in this arena.

Courtney Haywood-Ford, a public relations specialist, shared insights with The Mirror, suggesting that Markle's established online presence, evidenced by a verified account and substantial follower count, hints at a promising re-entry into the sphere of social media influence. Haywood-Ford highlighted Markle's pre-royal flair for fashion and style, indicating her natural fit for the influencer role.

However, Meghan's previous criticisms of social media's negative aspects add a layer of complexity to her potential comeback. Haywood-Ford posited that Markle's return could reflect a revised stance on digital platforms, possibly aiming to foster genuine engagement and authenticity akin to her efforts with The Tig. By prioritizing transparency and meaningful interaction, Markle could navigate her reemergence in the public eye while preserving a favorable image.