Amid Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis, Prince William is taking extra steps to protect and support his firstborn, Prince George, as the family navigates through this challenging time. Inside sources reveal the royal's dedication to maintaining stability for his children, especially George, affected by his mother's condition.

Prince George's Heartfelt Response to Family Health Challenges

Eldest Wales child, Prince George, is said to be "clinging like glue" to his devoted father as he struggles to comprehend his family's ordeal following his mother's cancer diagnosis.

"Everyone is keeping a careful eye on George," one palace source revealed to New Idea. Prince William and Princess Kate broke the news to the future heir before telling his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

"The children were informed separately so that George could in turn be supportive of Charlotte and Louis. He was totally lost before his mum and dad sat him down and told him the truth," the informant added.

Even so, it's a lot for a 10-year-old to take on. Prince George has already lost his great-grandmother and great-grandfather, and now his grandfather, King Charles, is battling cancer.

"George has been through the mill these past few weeks and he's old enough to be aware of what's going on. It's been a lot for him to handle, and he's sticking close by his Dad's side," the palace insider stated. "William has been an absolute pillar of strength for all of them, but sadly, he also knows exactly how George must be feeling. George is only five years younger than he was when he lost his own mum."

With Princess Kate confident in her prognosis and future, she and William have worked hard to privately reassure and counsel Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Still, cancer is a terrifying word for anyone, let alone your own children.

"William is protective of George right now, and as helpless as they all may feel at the moment, he's showing George how to keep calm and carry on," the insider added.

Prince William's Personal Struggle Amidst Kate's Health Battle

For a man who lost his own mother when he was 15 years old, Kate's health battle has undoubtedly brought back painful memories for Prince William. "He is deeply shocked by this," a palace source said.

It was claimed that Princess Kate made her cancer announcement alone because she was afraid her husband would cry on camera due to his love for her. Prince William received criticism for not sitting beside Princess Kate during her video statement, but it was a deliberate decision, PEOPLE reported. She wanted to protect Prince William while also inspiring others with her strength.

"It's triggered his previous trauma point from when his mum died," the source claimed. They add that Prince William is still processing the "anger and hurt" he feels over the indiscriminate nature of cancer.

"He can't talk to the only person who might understand this [his brother Harry], so it's easy to see why everyone is concerned. He's hurting and suffering alone," the tipster added.

However, our source adds that Prince William will draw on his "military training and inner strength to be there for Kate." He was famously a shoulder for his mum to lean on during her divorce, and now he'll do the same for Princess Kate. "Diana would be so proud of him," the informant shared.

Prince William's Early Ambitions: Inspired by a Deep Bond with Princess Diana

Prince William's connection with his mother, Princess Diana, profoundly shaped his early aspirations and dreams. As a young boy, Prince William harbored dreams of becoming a police officer, a career choice inspired by a desire to protect his cherished mother, Diana.

This ambition is detailed in Robert Jobson's book, "William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch," which reveals insights into the emotional dynamics within the royal family, particularly between a mother and her eldest son.

Royal expert Robert Jobson, in his book, illustrates the unique bond between Princess Diana and Prince William, highlighting the latter's role as a critical source of emotional support for his mother. Despite the constraints of royal duty, which effectively predetermined his professional path, William's early yearning to safeguard Diana underscores the depth of their relationship.

Princess Diana, often in search of emotional solace, frequently turned to Prince William, making him privy to her mental and emotional complexities amidst the pressures of royal life.

The backdrop of Diana's marriage to Prince Charles, which was marked by estrangement and infidelity, further intensified Prince William's protective instincts. The couple's union, initiated in 1981, deteriorated over the years, leading to a separation in 1992 and ultimately a divorce in 1996, barely a year before Diana's tragic death in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. Throughout their troubled marriage, both engaged in extramarital affairs, with Charles involved with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who later became Queen Camilla.

Jobson's narrative depicts Prince William as acutely aware of the emotional turmoil his mother endured, particularly during the period following her separation from King Charles, often referred to as the "War of the Waleses." William's aspiration to become a police officer is symbolize his deep desire to ensure his mother's safety and happiness. Diana affectionately referred to William as "the man in my life," relying on him as an emotional pillar despite the potential burden it placed on him as a young boy.

The complexities of Prince William and Princess Diana's relationship, including Diana's reliance on William as an "emotional crutch," are poignantly explored. Prince William found solace and a sense of normalcy while away at boarding school, away from the intense scrutiny of royal life.

Netflix's "The Crown," in its sixth and final season, delves into the nuances of Princess Diana and Prince William's relationship, capturing the tender yet fraught dynamics between mother and son. Prince William was just 15 years old when his mother died, a pivotal moment that undoubtedly shaped his personal and public life.

Interestingly, the aspiration to become a police officer, as revealed by Jobson, aligns with broader trends among children, especially boys, in their career aspirations. A 2019 study highlighted that, for American children, being a police officer ranks among the top 10 career choices, the fourth most popular choice among boys.

Prince William's early ambitions, though influenced by unique circumstances within the royal family, reflect a universal desire among children to embody roles that offer protection and service. His journey from a young boy with dreams of safeguarding his mother to his current role within the royal family encapsulates a narrative of personal growth, resilience, and enduring love for his mother, Princess Diana.