Jamie Foxx's relationship with Alyce Huckstepp cools post-recovery as he dedicates himself to upcoming projects and professional commitments, a new report suggested.

Foxx, the acclaimed actor, has reportedly halted plans to propose to his partner, Huckstepp, following his recovery from a severe health scare earlier this year. Despite the closeness the couple experienced during Foxx's illness, sources indicate that the intensity of their relationship has diminished from Foxx's perspective.

Foxx, 56, known for his roles in "Ray" and "Django Unchained," was first romantically linked to Huckstepp, a 30-year-old Australian fitness model, two years ago. Their relationship seemed to deepen following Foxx's hospitalization in April 2023, which his family attributed to a "medical complication." However, insiders have revealed to the National Enquirer that Foxx had suffered a stroke in secrecy.

Now fully recuperated, Foxx has dived back into his professional life, focusing on his upcoming action comedy, "Back in Action," alongside Cameron Diaz. This return to work marks a significant shift in Foxx's priorities, according to those close to the situation.

"Jamie is grateful to be alive but is currently preoccupied with advancing his career," an insider shared to National Enquirer. This change comes as a surprise to some, considering Foxx's previous reputation for his active social life. "It's odd to see him so reserved when he used to be quite the social figure. There’s a part of Jamie that's reflective on these changes, but he recognizes his limitations," the source added.

Despite moving away from his former lifestyle, Foxx appears hesitant to fully commit to marriage with Huckstepp. "Jamie has indeed shifted his focus back to his work as the top priority," the source remarked, hinting at a complex balancing act between personal recovery, professional aspirations, and relationship dynamics. This situation underscores the adjustments and decisions Foxx faces as he navigates his post-recovery life and career.

Meanwhile, Foxx is making a notable comeback to the entertainment industry, engaging in a series of projects including the continuation of his role as host in the FOX game show "Beat Shazam," according to sources close to the actor. At 56, Foxx, alongside his daughter Corinne Foxx, 30, is set to return for the show's new season, signaling a full return to his professional activities following a health scare earlier in 2023.

"Jamie is thriving and has seamlessly returned to his previous commitments, not missing a step on 'Beat Shazam'," one source said to PEOPLE, emphasizing Foxx's resilience and dedication to his work. His recovery and return to the spotlight come after the actor faced a "medical complication" in April 2023, which led to a temporary withdrawal from public engagements.

Despite the lack of details regarding the nature of his health issue, Foxx hinted at sharing his experience in a future stand-up comedy special during his speech at the seventh annual AAFCA Special Achievement Awards in March.

Nearly a year after this medical emergency, Foxx is described as "extremely active, content, and in strong spirits," by another insider. "He's fully committed to his work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and reveling in his regained health," the insider added, portraying Foxx as a person who thrives in a dynamic and social environment, consistently seeking new ventures and projects.

Foxx's current and upcoming engagements include "Back in Action," a Netflix spy film co-starring Cameron Diaz. The plot revolves around Foxx and Diaz's characters, Emily and Matt, who are pulled back into the espionage world after their identities are compromised, years after retiring from the CIA.

In addition to "Back in Action," Foxx has several other projects in the pipeline, such as "Tin Soldier" and "Not Another Church Movie," along with a number of films in various stages of development. The prolific actor, who featured in four movies in 2023, is known for his passion for staying busy and involved in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry.

"Jamie loves being immersed in his work," the second source conveyed, highlighting Foxx's enthusiasm for his craft and entrepreneurial spirit. This renewed vigor and slate of forthcoming projects underscore Foxx's unwavering commitment to his career and personal fulfillment following his recent health challenges.