Jennifer Garner has consistently strived to maintain a distance from media stories about herself or her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, to protect her mental well-being. In an effort to preserve her headspace, Garner disclosed her deliberate avoidance of the press, emphasizing the negative impact it has on her, regardless of the nature of the coverage.

The task of steering clear of such stories has become increasingly challenging. February saw a surge in media attention surrounding Affleck, driven by his wife, Jennifer Lopez, who unveiled three projects deeply rooted in their revived relationship: an album titled "This Is Me... Now," a movie "This Is Me... Now: A Love Story," and a documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told." These works provided insight into Lopez's long-standing connection with Affleck, a narrative spanning over two decades, including the years he was married to Garner.

A close source revealed to Life & Style that Garner feels it's time to share her perspective. The source conveyed Garner's belief that the true dynamics of her relationship with Affleck remain unknown, highlighting the couple's trials and her protective role over Affleck and their children.

Garner has been relatively private about their separation. In a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, following their 2015 separation announcement, Garner offered a nuanced view of Affleck, praising his brilliance and charisma while acknowledging his complexities.

In recent times, Garner and Affleck have demonstrated unity, especially in family matters, such as celebrating their son Samuel's 12th birthday at Disneyland. Garner has also been in talks to work with Affleck's close friend, Matt Damon, in a film directed by Affleck, indicating professional collaborations continue despite past marital difficulties attributed to Affleck's addiction issues.

Affleck has acknowledged his drinking contributed to their marital challenges. Sources close to Garner disclosed the severe impact of Affleck's addiction on their relationship, describing periods of silence, arguments, and separate living situations within their home. Despite these difficulties, Garner supported Affleck through his rehabilitation efforts, ultimately driving him to rehab in 2018, ahead of finalizing their divorce.

Affleck's sobriety coincided with his rekindled relationship with Lopez, leading sources to reflect on Garner's significant role during his lowest points. Garner, for her part, has expressed a commitment to not letting anger or hurt guide her actions, focusing instead on other personal and familial priorities.

Garner's resilience has also been tested by a private health scare in 2021, around the time of Affleck and Lopez's reunion. Insiders confirmed the resolution of her health issues and her current state of happiness, emphasizing her gratitude for her children's well-being and the co-parenting arrangement with Affleck and Lopez.

Despite past misunderstandings, Garner and Lopez have reached a positive co-parenting dynamic, recognizing the benefits of a sober, healthy Affleck for their family. The shared focus on their children's happiness has facilitated a more amicable relationship between Garner and Lopez, setting aside previous apprehensions for a collaborative approach to family well-being.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner, the renowned actress known for her role in "Alias," recently took to social media to announce the passing of her father, William Garner. He was 85 years old at the time of his death, CNN reported.

Garner's announcement was made through a heartfelt post on her verified Instagram account, accompanied by a collection of photographs and a video featuring her father, including their shared appearance in a Capital One credit card commercial.

In her tribute, Garner expressed that her father passed away peacefully on Saturday afternoon, surrounded by family members who sang "Amazing Grace" as he departed. She shared this moment with a touch of humor, pondering whether their singing carried him across to the next life or hastened his exit.

Despite acknowledging the natural course of an 85-year-old man passing after a fulfilled life, Garner reflected on the inevitability and unpredictability of grief.

Garner conveyed a profound sense of gratitude for the qualities her father exemplified throughout his life. She highlighted his gentle demeanor, quiet strength, playful teasing with a mischievous smile, and his pioneering role as a dedicated and patient father to daughters. Her appreciation extended to his work ethic, leadership, and unwavering faith. Garner also expressed her family's gratitude toward the medical staff of the Charleston Area Medical Center and City of Hope for their care and support.

The actress further reminisced about her father's impact, stating that there is much to be said about the kind of man, father, and grandfather he was. She acknowledged that her sisters and she would always cherish and discuss his wonderful legacy, asking for patience as they continue to share memories of their beloved patriarch.

Earlier in January, Garner had celebrated her parents' 59th wedding anniversary with another post on Instagram. She used the occasion to express her admiration and thanks to her parents for providing her and her sisters with a secure and happy upbringing. Garner's posts not only serve as a tribute to her father's life and legacy but also offer a glimpse into the deep affection and respect she holds for her family.