As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan their UK return amid family turmoil, sources report Prince William is set to prevent the couple from visiting Princess Kate, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. This decision highlights the ongoing rift within the royal family, further strained by the Sussexes’ recent actions and statements.

Their anticipated visit coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games in London, an event close to Prince Harry's heart. However, sources suggest that their relationship with the royal family remains strained, particularly with Prince William and the Princess of Wales.

According to reports, Prince William is expected to prevent interaction between his brother and sister-in-law and Princess Kate, undergoing chemotherapy. The situation underscores the deep rift within the royal family, highlighted by the Sussexes' apparent lack of prior knowledge regarding Princess Kate's health condition. The couple and the general public learned of her diagnosis through a personal video message released by the Princess of Wales.

The revelation of Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis and the timing of the Sussexes' announcement of Meghan's new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, has reportedly caused tension. Sources claim that had Prince Harry and Meghan been aware of the seriousness of Princess Kate's illness, they might have postponed their brand launch.

"As shameless as the Sussexes are known to be, they would have considered holding off their big relaunch if they had known how serious Kate's illness was," the insider claimed.

Further complicating matters, a statement released by the Sussexes' public relations representative shortly after news of Princess Kate's diagnosis became public has allegedly exacerbated tensions. The statement, which expressed wishes for "health and healing for Kate and the family," did not sit well with Prince William, according to insiders.

Critics argue that the use of the name "Kate" rather than "Catherine" or "Cath," along with the omission of her royal title, indicates a significant distance between the Sussexes and the Wales family.

"No-one who actually knows her calls her that. It is always Catherine, or Cath if you're really close to her - which Harry used to be," the informant told New Idea. "Not to mention how disrespectful it was to not use her title, when they are adding duke and duchess to everything. While Harry may want to look in on her when he is next home, it's hard to see William allowing it."

This strained relationship follows Prince Harry's emergency visit to London in January after an announcement regarding King Charles' battle with cancer. The visit, which resulted in a brief thirty-minute meeting with the king, further highlighted the complexities of the royal family dynamics.

The royal family's ongoing challenges, marked by health concerns and interpersonal tensions, continue to draw significant public and media attention. The anticipated visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to the U.K. next month will likely be closely watched as it presents an opportunity for reconciliation or further division within the royal family.

Meanwhile, as Prince Harry prepares for a potential visit to the United Kingdom to attend the Invictus Games, speculation is mounting over the dynamics of his reunion with the royal family. Royal family author Tom Quinn suggested that the Duke of Sussex may face complex explanations upon his arrival, especially in light of recent family developments.

The royal family has been under intense scrutiny following the disclosure of Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty about whether Meghan Markle will accompany Prince Harry. The duke is slated to deliver a speech at St. Paul's Cathedral on May 8 amid heightened familial tensions.

Tom, a royal biographer, told The Mirror that Prince Harry is likely to return to the U.K. despite the potential for exacerbating his already strained relationship with Prince William. According to Tom, Harry's absence from the ceremony would only underscore the brothers' rift.

The friction between Prince Harry and Prince William became increasingly public following Harry's candid revelations about royal family dynamics in his memoir and a Netflix documentary series. Although Prince Harry made a trip to the U.K. in February following the announcement of King Charles' cancer diagnosis, it remains unclear if he and Meghan were aware of Princess Kate's health condition before her public announcement.

Tom posited that Prince Harry's decision to miss the Invictus Games would suggest his reluctance to face the discomfort of encountering Prince William or actively avoiding such a meeting. He argued that it would be more detrimental for Prince Harry to abstain from visiting the U.K. than to navigate a brief interaction with William or to concoct an excuse to return promptly to the United States.

The royal expert remarked that despite any rationale Prince Harry might offer for not engaging with his brother and King Charles, the public is unlikely to be persuaded by such justifications. The potential for Harry to cross paths with Prince William and Prince Harry during his visit is high, particularly given the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Tom noted to The Mirror that Prince William and Princess Kate are apprehensive about Meghan's possible presence alongside Prince Harry, fearing it could exacerbate familial tensions. He emphasized that thorough preparation could mitigate the awkwardness of their inevitable interactions.

Should Prince Harry opt out of meeting with his brother and sister-in-law, Tom warned of the heightened speculative fallout compared to the potential benefits of striving for a semblance of reconciliation, even if only to manage a brief encounter.

Amid these complexities, Prince William and Princess Kate seek tranquility, especially as they navigate the challenges following Kate's diagnosis. However, Prince Harry's anticipated visit might introduce additional stress and drama to a strained familial landscape.