Just when it seemed like there were hopes that Prince Harry and Prince William might repair their relationship following the cancer diagnosis of Princess Kate, a new feud is threatening to deepen their rift.

Sources told Woman’s Day Australia that Prince Harry is furious that Prince William has become so close to their stepmom, Queen Camilla, in the wake of Princess Kate and King Charles’ respective illnesses. With both their spouses stepping back from royal duties, Prince William and Queen Camilla have become unlikely allies, but Prince Harry is not pleased about it.

In fact, the Duke of Sussex sees their new friendship as a “betrayal” of their mom, Princess Diana. “He really distrusts that William actually gets on rather well now with Camilla,” royal author Tom Quinn told The Mirror.

“Harry will see this as a betrayal. He was shocked when Prince William realized that Camilla, far from being the monster theythoughtt she ws when they were children, is actually rather a nice woman,” the royal expert added.

Queen Camilla and King Charles famously started their affair while the monarch was still married to Princess Diana, who felt tormented by their relationship. The pair later went on to marry in 2005. And while Tom admitted that Prince William has come to appreciate Queen Camilla’s “sympathetic eaar” over the past few months, Prince Harry has never move on since his mother died.

“For Harry, Camilla was the wicked stepmother back then, and she still is,” he added.

Prince Harry revealed his true feelings about Queen Camilla when he alleged that she leaked stories to the press about him in his memoir “Spare.” He later called her “dangerous” because of her connections with the media.”

“There was [an] open willingness on both sides to trade information,” he stated on “60 Minutes” in 2013. “And with a family built in hierarchy, and with her on the way to being Queen Consort, there was going to be people in the street because of that.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has suffered a severe setback as a High Court judge denied his effort to file an appeal against the court's decision to dismiss his claim against the Government over his protection while in the UK.

The Duke of Sussex filed a lawsuit against the government after it reduced his security classification following his decision to step down as a senior working royal, Express UK reported.

Ravec, the group that monitors security arrangements for the Royal Family and other high-profile persons, ruled in February 2020 that Prince Harry was no longer entitled to compulsory police protection when in the UK.

However, High Court judge Sir Peter Lane rejected his case in February and has now dismissed his appeal of the ruling.

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Prince Harry's legal team is now expected to file his case straight with the Court of Appeal.

The 39-year-old did receive some good news, however, as the judge "penalised" the Home Office for its delay in giving information regarding Ravec's operations.

The Government department was legally supposed to list three types of people for whom Ravec provides state protection: role-based individuals such as Firm employees, other VIPs, and others who require occasional assistance, but failed to do so.

As a result, Prince Harry's legal team was not made aware of the "other VIP" category, which they believe is critical to his claim.

They requested a "50-60% reduction because of the way the documents and information were disclosed," and the judge granted a 10% discount.

Sir Peter stated in court documents obtained by the Times that, while the Home Office did not act in bad faith, "the defendant's breaches are, in all the circumstances, sanctionable".

A representative for the Home Office said: "While we are pleased with the decision of the Court to refuse permission to appeal, it would be inappropriate to comment further on legal proceedings."