Piers Morgan has recommended Donald Trump to disregard the warning issued by the presiding court in his hush money criminal prosecution and attend his son Barron Trump's graduation ceremony next month.

When Trump's New York trial began on Monday, Judge Juan Merchan refused to rule on the former president's plea to avoid the trial on May 17 for Barron's high school graduation, threatening to arrest him if he did not go.

However, on Monday's episode of "The Five," Morgan urged Trump to attend the graduation ceremony in Florida, regardless of the judge's judgment.

Morgan predicted that the decision will be politically helpful for the GOP's 2024 presidential nominee.

"Donald Trump should go to his son's graduation ... go to the graduation. Honestly, if you're watching, President Trump, just go to the graduation. Every parent in America, whether they like you or hate you, will go, 'Yeah, I'd have done that, too,'" the Fox Nation host said.

Morgan also described the lawsuit, which involves alleged hush money payments to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels, as "utterly ridiculous."

The "Piers Morgan: Uncensored" anchor expanded on his views in a post for the New York Post, praising Trump for being a "loving dad" whose connection with his five children is marked by "mutual respect and genuine affection."

He claimed that Barron, whom Trump has with his wife Melania Trump, deserves to have both of his parents at his graduation ceremony, given that he has "grown up in the eye of the ferocious storm."

Morgan further claimed that the judge's reluctance to rule on the motion was a "demeaning and utterly pointless attempt to shame and humiliate" the former president.

Several conservatives appeared to agree with Morgan, taking to X, formerly Twitter, to encourage Trump to attend the ceremony.

Conservative blogger Benny Johnson commented, "Trump should go to Barron's graduation. A judge threatening him over it is insane. Jail a father for being there to support his son, let's see how that goes over with Americans."

"What do you think about President Trump attending Barron's graduation?" tweeted Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter.

During Monday's hearing, Merchan stated that his judgment on Trump's request will be based on "if we are on time and where we are in the trial."

Following the court processes, Trump expressed his displeasure with the prospect of missing Barron's graduation at a press conference and in a post on Truth Social.

He told reporters outside the Manhattan courtroom that missing his son's graduation and campaign activities due to the hush money prosecution was "perfect for the radical left Democrats" and "exactly what they want," according to a video shared on X.

Trump also lauded Barron as a "wonderful son" and "great student" on Truth Social, claiming they've been talking about his high school graduation "for years."

Trump faces 34 felony counts of fabricating company records in connection with the alleged reimbursement of a hush money payment to Daniels prior to the 2016 presidential election in exchange for her silence about their alleged romance.

Trump has pleaded not guilty and denied the affair accusations.

The criminal trial, which is the first for a former US president, might last six to eight weeks. The hush money case is the first of Trump's four criminal prosecutions to be tried.