King Charles has ignited a controversy by appointing Prince William as the Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps, a role once closely linked to Prince Harry. The decision, which came during a military ceremony at the Army Aviation Centre in Hampshire on Monday, has left many royal fans expressing their disappointment and anger at what they perceive as a snub to the Duke of Sussex.

The appointment of Prince William to the prestigious role marks a significant moment, as the Prince of Wales succeeds his father, who held the position for 32 years. In an emotional and impromptu speech, King Charles praised his eldest son, stating, "I do hope you'll go from strength to strength in the future with the Prince of Wales as your new colonel-in-chief. The great thing is he's a very good pilot indeed. So that's encouraging."

However, the absence of any mention of Prince Harry, who served in the Army Air Corps and flew Apache helicopters during two tours of Afghanistan, has not gone unnoticed by royal fans. Many had expected the role to be given to the 39-year-old, considering his military service and dedication to veteran advocacy work. The decision to overlook Harry has been seen by some as a cruel snub, particularly in light of his recent estrangement from the royal family following his decision to step down as a senior member in January 2020.

The timing of the announcement has also raised eyebrows, as it coincided with Prince Harry's visit to London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. Royal biographer Katie Nicholl noted that the palace's announcement of William's new role while Harry was in the city could be seen as "a bit of a snub" and "perhaps a little bit of a poke in the ribs to Prince Harry."

Social media platforms were flooded with comments from furious fans who felt that Prince Harry had been unfairly treated. "And Harry? How you can forget him?" one user wrote, while another added, "I think this should have been given to Harry!" Some fans pointed out the irony of the situation, with one commenting, "This would have been a nice honorary role for Harry," and another stating, "It's a shame to punish Harry like this, he who committed himself and fought on the field!"

The controversy surrounding the appointment has further highlighted the ongoing rift between Prince Harry and his family. During his recent visit to the UK, the Duke of Sussex took the unusual step of releasing a statement confirming that his father's busy schedule prevented them from reuniting, despite growing speculation that a meeting might take place.

As the royal family continues to navigate the challenges posed by Prince Harry's departure and the subsequent tensions, the decision to appoint Prince William to the role once linked to his younger brother has only added fuel to the fire. Many royal fans are now questioning the fairness of the move and expressing their support for Prince Harry, who they feel has been unjustly overlooked and snubbed by his own father.