Brad Pitt and girlfriend Ines de Ramon had a romantic stroll along the Santa Barbara waterfront last week. During their seaside walk, the "Ocean's Eleven" star embraced the jewelry designer, laying his arm over her shoulder in a rare public gesture of affection.

“She’s brought out his playful side again. Brad’s the happiest he’s been in years,” an unnamed source told Woman’s Day Australia.

This is one of Brad and Ines’ few public appearances together, implying that things are serious between the two now that Ines, 32, has finalized her divorce from “The Vampire Diaries” actor Paul Wesley.

“Brad obviously doesn’t care who sees him out with Ines now and they’re thrilled to be coming out properly as a couple. Expect to see her by his side over the next few months – he wants her with him at his next red carpet event to really make things official,” the insider stated.

Rumors are also rife that Brad might be planning for a wedding proposal once he finalizes his seven-year divorce battle from Angelina Jolie.

“Don’t underestimate Brad’s hopes of getting married again. He doesn’t like being single for long and is open to starting another family with Ines if she wants it. They’re talking about marriage, which is why everyone’s expecting an engagement ring to appear anytime soon,” the informant went on.

Meanwhile, Angelina allegedly encouraged the children she has with ex-husband Brad to "avoid spending time" with him during custody visits, according to court records obtained by Fox News Digital.

Tony Webb, who operated SRS Global, cited the alleged sabotage in a 12-page declaration filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court as part of the couple's continuing court struggle over their vineyard, Château Miraval. Brad and Angelina are currently arguing in court over non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), with the "Girl, Interrupted" actress claiming she backed out of the winery sale because Brad required her to sign an agreement.

Angelina claims Brad required her to sign an NDA that "hid his history of abuse, control, and coverup."

In response, Brad has asked the court to order Angelina to submit any NDAs she has signed to demonstrate that she has "improperly" used these agreements in the past. Tony stated that Angelina's aide Michael Vieira called to remind him that two security guards were under NDAs and could not testify in Brad and Angelina's custody struggle.

"During the call, Mr. Vieira told me that he had heard that two contractors who had provided personal security for Ms. Jolie through SRS Global might be testifying in the family court case. Mr. Vieira then asked me to stop these two individuals from testifying,” Tony said in court documents.

"I understood that Mr. Vieira was making this request on behalf of Ms. Jolie. I explained to Mr. Vieira that I had no power to stop them because they were independent contractors and not employees," he added.

Angelina's lawyer condemned Pitt's stance on the NDAs as "shameful."

"Mr. Pitt’s continued attempt to equate common NDAs for security personnel and housekeepers covering confidential information employees learn at work, with him demanding an expanded NDA to ensure the continued coverup of his deplorable actions remains shameful. This case is not about NDAs in general, but about power and control," Paul Murphy told Fox News Digital in a statement.

"All Angelina has ever wanted was separation and health, with positive relationships between all members of their family, including Mr. Pitt. She looks forward to the day when he is finally able to let her go,” he went on.