Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) is reportedly developing a slimmer version of the iPhone, expected to be launched in 2025 as part of the iPhone 17 lineup. This new model, dubbed the "iPhone 17 Slim," is set to introduce significant design changes and could be priced higher than the current iPhone Pro Max, Apple's most expensive model to date. The Information, citing three sources familiar with the project, revealed these details on Friday.

According to analyst Jeff Pu from Haitong International, the iPhone 17 Slim will feature a refreshed design, including a smaller Dynamic Island-a feature introduced in recent iPhone models. The new model is anticipated to have a 6.6-inch display, positioned between the 6.1-inch screen of the smallest version and the 6.9-inch screen of the iPhone 17 Pro Max. Another analyst, Ross Young, suggests the display size could be 6.55 inches.

Sources indicate that Apple is still considering multiple designs for the new high-end model. Potential features include an aluminum frame, a smaller hole and cutout for the front-facing camera hardware, and center-mounted rear cameras. Additionally, there is speculation about an energy density upgrade for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, which, if successful, could be incorporated into the 2025 models. This upgrade involves a stainless steel battery case, enhancing battery performance and durability.

The rumored design overhaul follows Apple's release of the slim iPad Pro, which has performed well in durability tests. Apple enthusiasts hope the iPhone 17 Slim will offer similar resilience, ensuring it withstands the rigors of daily use, including being carried in pockets and purses.

This expected revamp comes at a crucial time for Apple, as it faces stiff competition in the smartphone market. In the first quarter of 2024, Samsung Electronics (005930.KS) held the largest market share at 20.8%, with Apple trailing at 17.3%, according to the International Data Corporation. Apple's iPhone sales also fell 10.5% to $45.96 billion in the fiscal second quarter, highlighting the need for a compelling new product to boost its market position.

To address this competition, Apple is reportedly planning to discontinue its less expensive iPhone Plus model. Instead, the company intends to launch a more affordable iPhone, a successor to the iPhone SE, expected in the spring of 2025. This strategy aims to attract budget-conscious consumers while maintaining its high-end market dominance with the iPhone 17 Slim.

The new iPhone 17 Slim is expected to include Apple's latest-generation processor, likely named the A19. This aligns with Apple's ongoing efforts to integrate advanced technology into its devices. The company recently unveiled a new iPad Pro featuring a chip designed for artificial intelligence computing, emphasizing its commitment to keeping pace with technological advancements and its Big Tech rivals.