Together, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani put on a performance by making eye contact and kissing each other. After the country music artist played three singles at the "Power of Love" charity fundraiser in Las Vegas on May 10, his wife joined him to sing their 2019 hit, "Nobody But You," before they shared a tender kiss onstage.

In front of the 1,500 guests who attended the dinner, the frontwoman of No Doubt lavished praise on her cowboy, saying that Blake's "heart is as big as his voice" and that he "brings a smile to everyone he meets, and that is what makes us love him so much."

It is almost as if they are newlyweds once more. In spite of the fact that they had been going through a challenging phase in their almost nine-year relationship — at the end of the previous year, they were beginning to "lead separate lives," an unnamed source told In Touch at the time — Blake, who is 47 years old, and Gwen, who is 54 years old, had successfully turned things around and "fallen in love all over again," according to an insider.

"They have been making spending time with each other a top priority, and they have been concentrating on getting back to doing the things that brought them together in the first place, such as making music," the informant added.

In their most recent collaboration, the pair has released their fifth duet, titled "Purple Irises." The song has lyrics like "Don't wanna lose you" and "Are you happy?" that alludes to the process of overcoming disharmony.

Gwen noted, as per TODAY, that the song "comes from the idea that when you plant something, you are planting hope and watching love grow, weathering all the different seasons of growth," and that this is where the song gets its inspiration. “Together, we are in this together, we are the ones who sowed the seeds, and we are the ones who are growing together,” the “Hollaback Girl” hitmaker added.

However, circumstances were not as pleasant as they were just a year before. "A lot of their friends were really worried that it would end in divorce," the tipster said, adding that the couple "had been fighting a lot and their work schedules were creating a lot of challenges." The mole also suggested that the couple had been fighting a lot.

With the explanation that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and stepsons, Blake resigned from his coaching position on “The Voice,” the show where they first met in 2014. This decision was made in May of last year, following the conclusion of Season 23. However, Gwen made the announcement that she would be returning to the show without him for Season 24. Blake made a remark back then, "Perhaps she doesn't want to spend too much time with the family."

Additionally, they were set to spend New Year's Eve together in Nashville, Alabama, where Blake was scheduled to perform on CBS. Gwen explained why she chose to perform in Sin City on December 31 by saying, "And then Vegas called." That was the reason. My initial reaction was, 'Eh, I'm going to do it.' In the event that you are going to be working, then I will also be working.

According to the snitch with knowledge of the situation, "they recognized the problem and found their way back to each other." They will celebrate their third wedding anniversary in the month of July. "They do their best to believe that they have made it to the other side. They appear to be more in love than they have ever been before,” it went on.