As a result of the fact that Jennifer Lopez abandoned him like a hot potato for Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez is understandably getting a thrill over the fact that they have now crashed and burned in a period of time that is less than two years.

“Alex fell apart when J .Lo ran off with Ben. He felt like she tossed him out with the trash when she got a better offer from Ben and it did a huge number on him. He went from planning a wedding to watching her marry someone else in what felt like the blink of an eye. It was the worst year of his life, and to make things ten times worse, J. Lo didn’t have an ounce of empathy for him. She flaunted her romance with Ben every chance she got,” an unnamed source told In Touch Weekly.

Alex is reportedly getting a pleasure over the fact that they have now crashed and burned in a period of time that is less than two years. This is because Jennifer abandoned him like a hot potato for Ben, and Alex is getting a rush over the fact that they have now crashed and burned.

Since the two had been engaged in the early 2000s before breaking off their relationship in 2004, the Bennifer reunion was something that had been in the works for a considerable amount of time. They were successful in their attempt to go down the aisle and tied the knot in July of 2022.

In spite of this, it was reported in May that the Ben and Jennifer is "on the verge of beginning a divorce," and that the Oscar winner has already moved out of the home that they shared.

“To see [Jen] getting some karma for her actions is pretty sweet, even if [A-Rod] wouldn’t admit that publicly. His friends all know he’s been waiting for things with her and Ben to crash and burn,” an insider said.

Following his breakup with Jaclyn Cordeiro, whom he began dating in October 2022, the former professional baseball great has moved on with his life, as per PEOPLE. The informant claimed that he is "beyond happy" in his current relationship and that he does not want J. Lo to return to him. However, he allegedly believes that he "dodged a bullet" by not marrying the A-list celebrity.

“That doesn’t mean he’s not going to enjoy watching this train wreck. He still harbors a lot of resentment towards J. Lo and feels more than justified in it,” the tipster concluded.

Since it was originally reported that Ben and Jennifer's marriage was experiencing difficulties, the couple has been putting on a united front in public regarding their relationship. All of their outings together, on the other hand, have been to events that were held for their children. Jennifer was not accompanied by Ben for either the Met Gala or the screening of her film Atlas, which took place in May.

Business Times has reached out to Alex Rodriguez for comments.