The ongoing rift between King Charles and his brother, Prince Andrew, has taken a new turn as the disgraced duke continues to resist the monarch's efforts to evict him from the Royal Lodge, a 30-room mansion in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire. According to GB News Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker, Andrew's reluctance to leave the property has exacerbated King Charles's security headache, as the Royal Lodge requires its own separate security measures, which the king has been funding out of his own pocket.

Prince Andrew, who was stripped of his royal patronages and military titles following a series of scandals, is currently unemployed and relies on his brother to cover the substantial upkeep and security costs of the Royal Lodge. The duke shares the £30 million estate with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, but the property's state of disrepair has become a growing concern.

In a recent episode of The Royal Record podcast, Cameron Walker explained the financial burden that Andrew's living situation places on the monarch. "It's going to be very expensive to pay the rent on it. It's thought to be £260,000 a year. Where is he getting the 260 grand a year from? Because he's not a working member of the Royal Family," Walker said. "He's not getting any money from a sovereign grant, we believe he may have got some kind of inheritance from the late Queen, but it's not thought to be very much."

The Royal Lodge's location outside the guarded perimeter of Windsor Castle necessitates its own separate security, which Andrew lost when he was forced to step back as a working member of the Royal Family. "King Charles pays out of his own pocket to secure his brother and keep him safe," Walker added, highlighting the financial strain this arrangement places on the monarch.

King Charles, along with the Crown Estate, believes that it would be more cost-effective and efficient for Prince Andrew to move from the Royal Lodge to the smaller Frogmore Cottage, which is within the Windsor Castle security cordon. However, as Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen pointed out, such a move could be seen as a blow to Andrew's pride.

Recent reports from The Times suggest that King Charles is renewing his efforts to evict Andrew from the Royal Lodge, even threatening to cut off financial support if the duke does not comply. A source told the publication, "The King's kindness is not without limit, and there is a very good option for Andrew to move into Frogmore Cottage... which also has the benefit of being within the Windsor Castle security cordon hence reducing the need for alternative round-the-clock security for Royal Lodge."

The strained relationship between King Charles and Prince Andrew is said to be even worse than the estrangement between Prince William and Prince Harry, who are reportedly not on speaking terms. As the rift deepens, the security concerns surrounding the Royal Lodge continue to pile pressure on the monarch.

The Royal Lodge's state of "sad neglect," as previously reported by the Daily Mail, with "paint peeling from the walls in sheets" and other damage to the property, only adds to the urgency of the situation. The substantial upkeep costs, coupled with the additional security measures required, have become an increasing burden on King Charles's resources.