Prince Harry is reportedly feeling the strain of growing disapproval from the Royal Family following another series of high-profile snubs. The Duke of Sussex, who stepped back from royal duties in 2020, has had a fraught relationship with his family ever since. Recent events, particularly his exclusion from the Trooping the Colour ceremony, have intensified this strain, according to royal experts.

Earlier this month, Harry was notably absent from Trooping the Colour, a significant event marking King Charles' official birthday. This marks the second consecutive year that Harry and Meghan have not been invited, a snub that royal expert Tom Quinn believes is deeply felt by Harry. "For the second year running, Harry and Meghan have not been invited to Trooping the Colour. This did not come as a surprise, but it will still hurt," Quinn told the Mirror.

The ongoing exclusion from royal events has left Harry grappling with the increasing weight of royal disapproval. "After missing his old friend the Duke of Westminster's recent wedding and now being kept out of Trooping the Colour, Harry is feeling the increasing weight of Royal disapproval," Quinn added. He further explained, "What's really frustrating for Harry is that at one time he thought his absence from royal events would lead to increasing efforts to persuade him to attend, but those days are long over."

Despite their strained relationship with the Royal Family, the Sussexes reportedly still desire official invitations to such events, even if they ultimately decide not to attend. "The Sussexes want to be invited to these things even if they then decide not to attend," Quinn said.

Adding to the tension, royal commentator Lizzie Cundy criticized Harry for not sharing a public message on Father's Day for King Charles. Cundy told GBN America, "Let's not forget, this is a 75-year-old man suffering with cancer, going on with all his duties. At Trooping the Colour, he was stood there in the pouring rain. You just think, 'Wow, this man is absolutely incredible,' he is everything Harry isn't."

In stark contrast to Harry's silence, Prince William shared a touching throwback image of himself as a child with his father, captioning it, "Happy Father's Day, Pa. W." The public gesture highlighted the stark differences in how the two brothers currently interact with their father.

On Friday, Buckingham Palace further underscored this contrast by releasing an endearing baby picture of Prince William with King Charles to mark William's birthday. This move seemed to send a strong message to Harry that the monarchy is moving forward without his involvement.

Harry's feelings of isolation have been compounded by his recent actions, which some view as further distancing him from the Royal Family. His decision not to publicly acknowledge Father's Day for King Charles has been seen by some as a missed opportunity to mend fences. Cundy's sharp critique emphasized this sentiment, reflecting the broader public and media perception of Harry's estrangement from his royal roots.

The rift between Harry and his family appears to be widening, with each side taking steps that further entrench their positions. Harry's absence from key royal events and his perceived snubs of family traditions highlight the deepening divide. The Duke of Sussex's choice to step back from royal duties and his subsequent public disclosures have created a chasm that continues to grow.

As the Royal Family continues with its public duties, Harry remains in the United States, focusing on his new life with Meghan and their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. The future of his relationship with the Royal Family remains uncertain, with reconciliation seeming more distant with each passing event.