American conservatives attending the Turning Point USA convention in Detroit have expressed strong criticism of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. This pushback comes at a time when recent polls have suggested an uptick in the popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan in the United States, highlighting a potential divide between general public opinion and conservative views.

The convention, known for its gathering of right-wing voices, became an unexpected forum for discussion about the former royal's impact on both American and British society. Steve Edginton, reporting for GBN America, captured a series of candid interviews that shed light on the complex feelings many conservatives harbor towards Markle.

One attendee, speaking candidly to Edginton, didn't mince words: "I really don't like her." The interviewee, who identified as a conservative, elaborated on her stance, saying, "I think she stands for too many liberal things in life. I don't like how she presented the British Royal Family." This sentiment reflects a broader concern among some conservatives that Markle's actions and statements have been at odds with traditional values they associate with the monarchy.

The criticism extended beyond Markle's political leanings to her handling of royal affairs. The same attendee noted, "I know us Americans are not supposed to be sympathetic to the royals, but they remain with certain class and certain conservative values that we should appreciate. I don't like that she tried to tear that apart." This comment underscores a surprising alignment between American conservatives and British royal traditions, despite historical tensions between the two nations on matters of monarchy.

Markle's background in Hollywood also came under scrutiny. Another convention-goer expressed skepticism about celebrities in general, stating, "I don't have a lot of high esteem for a lot of them [Hollywood stars]. When you're behind the curtain, you get to see how they really are. There's a lot of nonsense that goes on." This critique suggests that some conservatives view Markle's showbusiness past as a liability rather than an asset.

The comparisons between Markle and other members of the royal family were inevitable. One attendee remarked, "I don't know much about her. I don't look up to her like I would look up to Princess Kate." This statement hints at a preference for more traditional royal figures among the conservative base.

Perhaps the most pointed criticism came from an attendee who took issue with Markle's public statements about the royal family. The conservative described Markle's actions as causing "such commotion and drama" that was "really unnecessary," suggesting a disapproval of what they perceive as Markle stirring controversy within the monarchy.

However, it's important to note that the opinions expressed at the convention were not uniformly negative. In a display of the complex nature of public opinion, one conservative offered a more sympathetic view of Markle. "I think she gets a bad rap in the media," the attendee said. "She's very pretty and I don't know why the media kind of beats her up. I don't really know what to think, I don't know her personally. But she gets beat up a lot and that's never fun." This perspective introduces a nuanced view, acknowledging the intense media scrutiny Markle has faced.

The mixed reactions at the Turning Point USA convention come at a time when Markle and Prince Harry's relationship with the American public has been evolving since their relocation to California in 2020. While recent popularity polls have shown an upward trend for the couple, the strong opinions expressed by conservatives at this event suggest that their public image remains a point of contention in certain political circles.