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  • China Sets Stage for Economic Revival with Key Policy Meetings Ahead
    China will deepen reforms of loan prime lending rate - central bank official
    As China gears up for its pivotal "Two Sessions" policy meetings, the global markets are on high alert for Beijing's strategy to rejuvenate the nation's faltering economy. Amid escalating economic challenges, including tightened consumer spending and the property sector's instability, the Chinese government has unveiled plans to stimulate investment and consumer spending through large-scale equipment upgrades and promoting the sale of consumer goods.
  • US Launches Probe into Chinese Smart Cars Over National Security Concerns
    US China Relations
    The Biden administration has initiated an investigation into the potential threats posed by smart car technology from China and other countries deemed concerning. The US Commerce Department is spearheading this probe with a focus on connected vehicles, which are essentially any cars equipped with internet access.
  • Report Uncovers the Inside Story of Apple's Car-Making Failure: Cook Recklessly Burns $70 Billion and Refuses to Acquire Tesla
    Apple CEO Tim Cook gestures during a product launch event in 2019
    About ten years ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited BMW in Munich, Germany, where he spent several days touring the automaker's factories and design studios. Cook expressed confidence that Apple could match BMW's engineering and production capabilities, a claim that left a BMW executive astonished. However, it turned out Cook was mistaken.
  • Country Garden Faces Liquidation Petition Over Unpaid $204M Loan, Shares Tumble
    China Property Market
    Country Garden Holdings, a prominent Chinese property developer, is facing a significant challenge as it received a liquidation petition from Ever Credit Limited, a creditor, over an unpaid loan totaling 1.6 billion Hong Kong dollars ($204.4 million).
  • Qin Gang Steps Down Without Explanation Amid Mystery, China's Former Foreign Minister Vanishes from Public Eye
    Where is China's Foreign Minister Qin Gang?
    The enigmatic departure of China's former Foreign Minister Qin Gang from the public eye, followed by his resignation from China's national legislature, has intensified speculation about the inner workings and political dynamics within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Faces Over 175 Years if Extradited to US
    Julian Assange, the embattled founder of WikiLeaks, is at the center of a legal maelstrom that could see him facing over 175 years in prison if extradited to the United States. British judges are currently deliberating Assange's fate following a two-day appeal hearing in London's High Court, marking the latest chapter in a nearly 14-year legal saga.
  • Zong Qinghou, Architect of Wahaha's Empire and China's Former Richest, Passes Away at 79
    Zong Qinghou, Architect of Wahaha's Empire and China's Former Richest, Passes Away at 79
    Zong Qinghou, the founder of the Wahaha Group and once hailed as China's wealthiest individual, passed away at the age of 79, leaving behind a legacy that encapsulates China's dramatic shift from a planned economy to a global market powerhouse.
  • 15 Killed, 44 Injured in Nanjing Building Fire Sparked by Electric Bikes
    15 Killed, 44 Injured in Nanjing Building Fire Sparked by Electric Bikes
    A devastating fire in a residential building in Nanjing, eastern China, has claimed at least 15 lives and left 44 others injured, marking another tragic incident in the country's recent history of deadly fires.
  • Renewed 'Panda Diplomacy': China to Send More Pandas to U.S. Zoos
    China is set to rejuvenate its famed 'panda diplomacy' by sending more of its cherished giant pandas to the United States, a gesture that heralds a warming of diplomatic ties between the two global powerhouses.
  • China Has Become One of the Most Challenging Places Globally to Raise A Child
    Chinese mother and daughter.
    China has been identified as one of the most challenging places globally to raise a child, considering the financial burden relative to the country's GDP per capita.
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