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  • China Condemns Japan-Taiwan Maritime Drill Amid Rising Tensions
    China Concludes War Games Around Taiwan Amid Escalating Tensions
    China has expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to a recent joint maritime drill conducted by Japan and Taiwan, lodging a formal protest with Tokyo. The exercise, involving Taiwan's "Patrol No. 9" inspection ship and Japan's aircraft-carrying inspection ship "Sagami," took place near the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula and the waters around Izu Island, according to reports.
  • Qin Gang and Li Shangfu Removed from Communist Party Leadership Amid Scandal
    Where is China's Foreign Minister Qin Gang?
    In a significant shake-up within China's political hierarchy, the Communist Party has removed its former foreign minister, Qin Gang, and former defense minister, Li Shangfu, from the party's Central Committee. This move, announced on Thursday, underscores President Xi Jinping's ongoing anti-corruption campaign, which continues to reverberate through the upper echelons of Chinese leadership.
  • Wahaha Heiress Kelly Zong Reportedly Resigns Amid Leadership Turmoil
    Wahaha Heiress Resigns Amid Leadership Turmoil
    Zong Fuli (Kelly Zong), the daughter of the late Wahaha Group founder Zong Qinghou, has reportedly stepped down from her positions as vice chairman and general manager of the Chinese beverage giant. This development follows months of internal discord and shareholder unrest since her father's passing earlier this year.
  • China Suspends Nuclear Arms Talks with U.S. Over Taiwan Arms Sales
    China has halted nascent nuclear-arms-control talks with the United States in protest of Washington's arms sales to Taiwan. This move mirrors Moscow's recent stance, further complicating efforts to curb a nuclear arms race.
  • TSMC Boosts Revenue Forecast Amid AI Demand, Rejects U.S. Joint Venture
    TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker, has revised its full-year revenue forecast upwards, driven by soaring demand for artificial intelligence (AI) chips. However, the company firmly declined the idea of a joint venture factory in the United States, maintaining its current expansion strategy.
  • China's Q2 GDP Misses Forecasts, Economic Stimulus Expected to Intensify
    China GDP Growth
    China's GDP grew by 4.7% year-on-year in the April-June period, falling short of analysts' forecast of 5.1% and marking the slowest growth since the first quarter of 2023.
  • Shein and Temu Disrupt U.S. Logistics Industry Amid AI Boom
    Temu Surpasses Shein in U.S. Market After Just One Year
    The rapid rise of Chinese e-commerce giants Shein and Temu in the U.S. market has not only transformed American shopping habits but also presented unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the U.S. logistics sector.
  • China Posts Record Trade Surplus as Export Surge Outpaces Sluggish Imports
    China Export
    China reported a record $99 billion trade surplus for June, underscoring a significant disparity between booming exports and declining imports. This record surplus, far exceeding the $85 billion expected by financial markets, reflects a complex economic landscape as importers rush to beat impending tariffs on Chinese goods while domestic demand remains tepid.
  • Public Outcry in China Over Cooking Oil Contamination Scandal
    Public Outcry in China Over Cooking Oil Contamination Scandal
    China is reeling from a food safety scandal that has ignited widespread public outrage and scrutiny just days before a high-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) meeting aimed at bolstering confidence in the economy. The controversy centers on the use of unwashed fuel tankers to transport cooking oil, raising serious concerns about food contamination and public health.
  • China Warns NATO Against Spreading Chaos in Asia, Accuses Alliance of Creating Turmoil
    Macron and von der Leyen Press China's Xi on Trade Imbalances and Ukraine During Paris Talks
    China issued a strong rebuke to NATO on Thursday, accusing the alliance of fostering security at the expense of others and warning against bringing "chaos" to Asia. This fierce response followed NATO's recent designation of China as a "decisive enabler" of Russia's war against Ukraine.
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