The fifth installment of the popular British BBC police procedural television series ended with a bang. Because of this, avid followers of the show are, already, excited about the upcoming Line of Duty Season 6. However, since there is only limited details about the imminent new season, some viewers were forced to create their own theories and predictions on the future of the series.

Rumors have it that Line of Duty Season 6 will pick up where the last installment left off and it will have a huge plot twist. It is being claimed that DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James) could still be alive. As a matter of fact, the 53-year-old English actor revealed, in an interview with Fear, that there would be a plot twist in the forthcoming sixth installment.

"I shot another series for Jed called Critically, and he said 'I've just written the scene where Tony Gates comes back," he revealed about the possible return of his character in Life of Duty Season 6. "So I was like yes finally, but then he came back, and he was like I've just reread it, and it was rubbish so I'm not doing Tony Gates what he does to people so he might do that again but he might not. Who knows?" The Walking Dead star added.

If DCI Tony Gates would not reappear on Line of Duty Season 6, rumors suggested that he could have relation to the H mystery. For starters, the character of Lennie James decided to kill himself to make sure that his loved ones would get a good payout as he would have been terminated from his post due to corruption.

Meanwhile, another former cast is said to, also, make a return on Line of Duty Season 6. Reports suggested that OCG member-turned-informant Lisa McQueen may comeback in the famous television series. Rochenda Sandall, who portrayed the said role, revealed to Digital Spy that there is an "open door" for Lisa to reappear on the show. However, the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch actress said that the return of her character may not be genuine.

"I'm not sure Lisa has turned her life around. I feel, personally, that there's still a little bit of a lie in there," Rochenda told the entertainment news outlet about the possibility of her character to make a comeback on Line of Duty Season 6. "I also don't think it's the end for Lisa. I don't think that she'll get off scot-free. If you think about it, nobody who's gone for immunity, in the whole series, has ever got away with it," she added.

Unlike Lennie James and Rochenda Sandall, Gregory Piper has confirmed his return on the forthcoming sixth installment. He will return to portray as Ryan Pilkington. Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar are, also, set to reprise their roles. Stay tuned to Business Times for more Line of Duty Season 6 spoilers, predictions, theories, news, and updates.