Many fans are still shipping for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson despite the fact that they ended their relationship six years ago. Kristen and Robert rose to fame after they starred in the vampire-themed movie series based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels. Due to their successful pairing, speculations about their possible reunion continue to make rounds online.

Rumors have it that there is still a possibility of a Kristen-Robert reunion. Though the Twilight film franchise has concluded already in 2012, the 29-year-old actress, previously, claimed that a reunion for another vampire-themed movie is not happening anytime soon. Kristen stated that she had moved on from her Bella Swan character since its film series' conclusion.

However, reunion rumors did not stop after Kristen Stewart's statement, especially after it was confirmed that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman. Some avid followers of the former lovers suggested that, if FKA Twigs' ex-boyfriend is going to take the iconic superhero role, then, Kristen could also portray as Catwoman. "I'm pro Robert Battinson. TWILIGHT is very bad, but he is not. Gimme Kristen Stewart Catwoman while we're at it," one fan wrote on Twitter. Neither of the involved parties has not commented on these reports yet, including Warner Bros.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Robert underwent a meticulous casting process before, successfully, getting The Batman role. Aside from Kristen's ex-beau, it was revealed that X-Men star Nicholas Hoult and Outlander actor Sam Heughan were also on top of the list of actors who could inherit Ben Affleck's cape and Batsuit. In the end, the management decided to give the superhero role to the Twilight actor, especially since director Matt Reeves had been thinking about Robert while he was writing the script.

An unnamed tipster told the publication that Matt, already, "knew what he was looking for", which he, obviously found in Robert Pattinson. Besides the oozing sex appeal, the impressive physique of Kristen Stewart's former lover landed him the much-coveted role. Just a few days after he auditioned, the Twilight actor, reportedly, got a call back and was told that he is going to be The Batman.

Meanwhile, Kristen, for her part, is said to be dating Stella Maxwell again. Reports have it that Robert and Miley Cyrus' former partners were sighted grabbing dinner together in Los Angeles before the reunion reports broke. The Twilight actress and the model were first spotted together in Savannah, George. They were, then, seen holding hands at Knott's Berry's Farm in California a month after.

In May 2017, Kristen Stewart and Stella decided to stop seeing each other as they, reportedly, could not make their relationship at the time due to distance and conflicts in their schedules. "They stopped seeing eye to eye and were living very different lives," an unidentified informant said to Us in December 2018. "Stella and Kristen still share a ton of friends and are friendly with each other," the source went on.

Both Kristen and Robert have yet to make a statement regarding these latest life updates. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!