The Cupertino-based tech titan is anticipated to launch the next generation 16-inch Macbook Pro this year as its biggest screen since it released the 17-inch model. Over time, the upcoming Apple laptop has been mentioned in various tech and blog sites either through leaks, rumors, or speculations. A new report surfaced recently revealing more interesting details about the upcoming laptop that might be very appealing to the consumers.

Digitimes revealed that the upcoming laptop from Apple will have a 16-inch screen mounted inside the same aluminum unibody similar to the current 15-inch MacBook Pro available in the market. The site claims that the information came from a supply chain report. Additionally, it disclosed that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will have a larger screen size due to much narrow bezels.

The unnamed sources of the report also revealed that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will use the same LCD screen produced by LG Display and will have a 3072 x 1920 resolution. Besides, the report also claimed that the upcoming Apple laptop will be retailed at around $3200, a significantly higher price compared to previous reports. The report, however, failed to disclose if the price is for the base model or the higher configuration of the device.

Several previous reports about the 16-inch MacBook Pro revealed that the upcoming Apple laptop will feature the scissor-style keyboard. This is a bit surprising since the Cupertino-based tech titan recently changed the keyboard to butterfly type of some of its problematic MacBooks because of keyboard issues. While Digitimes claimed that the upcoming laptop will be released on September 2019, another report claims that it might hit the shelves in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The other report noted that the company named Quanta is designated to manufacture the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Other specifications have not been mentioned in this report but it does emphasize that the upcoming laptop will be much more expensive than the 15-inch MacBook Pro models. Several rumors, however, make a lot of sense considering that the current 15-inch MacBook Pro has 15.4-inch display measurement.

This means that the Cupertino-based tech titan will only have to add 0.6-inches. Also, the current model has thick bezels and by narrowing these bezels, it is certainly possible that Apple will achieve the 0.6-inches more of display size. Given that these details are accurate and correct, it simply indicates that the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop will not be as bulky or as heavy as the current MacBook Pro models.

This could also imply that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will not have ports aside from the four USB-C ports currently present in the 15-inch MacBook Pro models. With the recent reports, it is worth noting that in the past, these outfits have also been inaccurate about upcoming Apple products. So, it is always smart to take this information with a spoonful of salt.