Many fans are, now, thrilled for the upcoming events in Arthdal Chronicles. The final installment of the series just premiered last weekend. Now, avid followers of the South Korean fantasy-drama series are wondering how Song Joong Ki's character, Eun Seom, would deal with his enemies in Season 3.

For starters, Arthdal Chronicles centers on the story of the mythical city of Arthdal and its people, who contend with power struggles against its surrounding regions as they try to build a new society. Eun Seom, who is played by Song Joong Ki, goes through quandaries as he tries his best to bring his tribe back to life.

In the Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 finale, the character of Song Joong Ki kicked off his grand plan to escape from imprisonment. Eun Seom, initially, entered the mythical city of Arthdal to save his love interest, Tanya, who is played by Kim Ji Won, and the other members of the Wahan tribe. However, things did not go as planned after he was arrested and locked up in the mines far away from the city proper.

Despite the sufferings of Song Joong Ki's character in the second installment, fans were treated with great news after Tanya found the sacred bell. It proved that she is, indeed, a true descendant of the Arth gods. Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 is expected to feature more victories as Eun Seom tries to rise from the ashes.

Spoilers have it that the character of Song Joong Ki would show a side of himself that he did not show in the previous installments. Rumors have it that devoted viewers of the Netflix series could expect a stronger and bolder Eun Seom this season. He, too, would continue chasing those people who threaten his life and his loved ones.

The biggest question is: will Eun Seom be able to successfully pull off his plans to escape from the mines? That's something we should watch out for in the upcoming episodes of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. But, some fans already predicted that Song Joong Ki's character would be able to do whatever he plans to do just to save Tanya and the entire Wahan Tribe.

As a matter of fact, a member of the production team claimed that the character of Song Joong Ki would play a vital role in the Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. "Song Joong Ki will transform into a straightforward Eun Seom that does not hesitate to stand up against powerful people," the production team revealed. "Please look forward to seeing his charisma that will explode in upcoming episodes," it added.

The next episode of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 will be aired on Saturday, September 14, at 9 p.m. KST. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Song Joong Ki!