Many fans are now excited for the upcoming release of One Piece Chapter 956. Recent reports suggested that Eiichiro Oda prepared exciting developments in the imminent new installment of his popular Japanese manga series. So, what can we expect in the next chapter?

Spoilers for the imminent One Piece Chapter 956 claimed that the manga would tackle the events that happened pre and post Reverie. It is claimed that the new chapter would, also, feature the abolishment of the Warlord System. King Riku of Dressrosa and King Cobra of the Alabasta Kingdom, reportedly, succeed in convincing the World Government to eradicate the Warlord System. Hence, all the Warlords would be treated as normal pirates from now on.

It is claimed that Edward Weevil, Dracule Mihawk, and Pirate Empress Boa Hancock would appear in one of the scenes in One Piece Chapter 956. However, the trio have to face the Marines who would try to harm them. The fate of the three warlords, especially with the elimination of the Warlord system, are yet to be revealed in the imminent new chapter.

Another must-see scene in One Piece Chapter 956 is the death of Sabo. Speculations are rife that the sworn brother of Monkey D. Luffy could die in the next chapter after he, along with revolutionary commanders Lindbergh, Morley, and Karasu, declared war against the world government. It is claimed that their mission possible reached climax during the Reverie, especially since Sabo is constantly provoked by their nemesis.

If the rumored death of Sabo would come into reality, then, it is highly possible that Luffy would suffer another heartbreak in One Piece Chapter 956. However, the Straw Hat Pirates captain might not know about it yet, especially since his group is about to start their raid at Onigashima. Despite this, some fans are not convinced about the theories saying that Sabo would pass away in the next installment.

Other spoilers suggested that Beast Pirates member X Drake would reveal the newly formed alliance between Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom to Marine Captain Coby in One Piece Chapter 956. Trafalgar D. Water Law, for his part, is said to pass a very confidential detail to Orochi that could put Hiyori's life in danger.

As for Luffy and Zoro, the duo is expected to become powerful in One Piece Chapter 956, especially the Straw Hat Pirates captain learned a deadly new move called Ryuo while the vice-captain finally got a new weapon. Avid followers of the manga series are already excited to see how Luffy and Zoro would execute their plans in the forthcoming chapters.