K-Pop group BTS brought a positive impact on Hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress) market. The market has been in a recession recently but revitalized by BTS. This is because BTS's youngest member, Jungkook, wore the hanbok last summer in an airport.

A source from Jungkook's Hanbok brand said in an interview with OSEN on November 19th: "Originally, young friends were reluctant to wear Hanbok. However, after Jungkook appeared wearing it, many young people started to buy it. They say they are greatly satisfied. Before, only monks or aged people purchased the Hanbok. Now, the entire consumer group has changed. "

BTS departed Osaka, Japan on July 4th through Gimpo International Airport for LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF stadium tour. At that time, Jungkook drew attention by wearing a hanbok instead of a colorful airport fashion. The Korean traditional dress was stylishly digested like everyday clothes. When he returned home, he was still wearing a hanbok.

The staff said, "It wasn't sponsored by us. We were also surprised to see a picture of the article. Fans even called to confirm our products. Thanks to Jungkook, young people as well as overseas fans come to purchase the clothes or buy online. The clothes are for spring and autumn, so we're still receiving orders even though it doesn't fit the season."

Thanks to this, an offline store was set up in a department store in Busan. Also, BTS fans from home and abroad are gathering, and what impresses is that not only young fans but also existing customers and people of all ages buy the products worn by Jungkook. His fashion has become another cultural trend, and he is also spreading abroad and making the industry expand.

The staff said, "The difference in sales before and after Jungkook is enormous. There is a lot of work being pushed because of the quantity, and many fans buy in groups. Overseas fans responded more fervently. The market for hanbok was very small and the economy was not good, but it has been busy since July 4th. We feel the good influence of Jungkook. There is a growing interest among people for Hanbok." 

Indeed, when Jungkook enjoyed wearing hanbok at the airport, there were explosive reactions making keywords of 'Jungkook', 'Daily Hanbok', 'Modern style Hanbok', and 'Temple Stay' rising to 30 real-time trends in 28 countries. The shopping mall's online site had a tremendous "Jungkook effect", including a paralyzed server and a surge in orders.

The staff said, "Jungkook or his agency will not receive gifts although we say it is sponsoring. But we want to give him more clothes that are comfortable to wear. We are just thankful. Before that, there was a prejudice that it was difficult for young people to wear Hanbok because of the high price, and I really thank Jungkook. "

BTS will air their first episode of '' BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4 '' at 9:00 PM on the official global community. This is a reality show containing New Zealand travel of Jin, J-Hope, Sugar, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.