For someone who lives in million-dollar mansion in Windsor, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, apparently pays just £250 a week for the Royal Lodge. This 30-room complex has been his home since 2003 and his lease on the property is in effect for 75 years.

However, Chris Evans, who was formerly a member of the Public Accounts Committee, is urging the Parliament to launch an investigation into Prince Andrew's wealth. Evans said that serious questions must be answered regarding the Duke of York's finances and living arrangements, considering that the amount he pays for his mansion is "very small beer."

But the Crown Estate said that Prince Andrew's home remains the property of the royal family as the former house of the Queen Mother. The property was never considered for the open market since it is located quite near the Royal Chapel frequented by the family. Thus, there's a security issue behind why it remains in the family, according to the 2005 National Audit Office report.

The duke is in the center of a scandal over his friendship with the convicted billionaire sex offender Jeffery Epstein. Female victims continue to speak to implicate Prince Andrew in the illegal activities of his friend. In fact, Virginia Roberts, Epstein's sex slave who claimed Prince Andrew also slept with her when she was underage, will be taking her turn in a one-on-one interview with BBC this week. Her story comes after Prince Andrew's sit-down interview with the network over three weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the Duke of York is said to be supporting his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, financially as well. According to reports, he has a private income to pay for their homes that presumably comes from his royal role in The Firm.

However, since Prince Andrew stepped down from his royal duties last month in the wake of the backlash over his interview regarding Epstein, questions have also risen about whether he can continue to support his daughters.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie both have day jobs though. Princess Beatrice works as the vice president for Afiniti, a software company, while Princess Eugenie is with the Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery.

Palace sources said that Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family are there to take care of the York sisters. According to reports, the Queen is fond of the girls and they can continue to see her in Balmoral or Windsor, or her house in the summer in Scotland.