After eight years of being the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is now recognized as one of 2019's People of The Year. Along with her, three other celebrities also obtained the same title, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift.

There are a lot of fans who showed their joy and support to the four women. However, followers of Melania Trump are not jumping on the same train. As it happens, they are disappointed that Michelle was chosen instead of the current First Lady.

As per reports, these people have questioned the magazine's standards for choosing the people for the said title. Most of them took their dismays and disappointments to social media.

One netizen commented that it should have been Melania Trump instead of Michelle Obama. Given that she is the current First Lady of the United States, she should be given the title.

Other followers of the Trump administration also shared the same notions. Based on assertions, Donald Trump's wife is much more deserving of the title.

It was also noted by several netizens that Melania is much "classier" than Michelle. Not to mention, her charitable works and advocacies are much more evident than what the former First Lady had spearheaded during in position.

While the frustrations have been quite unmistakable among the netizens, some of them suggested that it would be great if Michelle Obama, as well as the other current title holders, is joined by Melania Trump. It is a "great edition" for this 2019's People of the Year, but, it will be nice to see the current First Lady on the list, a netizen shared.

Despite all criticisms, however, there are still several individuals who applauded People's magazine for their standards in terms of choosing this year's People of the Year. As it appears, there are also netizens who agreed that the four personalities chosen for the title are just fitting and suitable.

Some of Michelle's fans even responded to the criticisms made toward her. As per claims, the former First Lady is a much better choice than Melania Trump.

In the end, however, the magazine's chosen People of the Year are already published. So, whatever criticisms the publication might receive in the next few days or weeks, it has been already established and introduced that Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift are 2019's People of the Year.