Ivanka Trump has been receiving a lot of criticisms from the public ever since her father, the United States President, Donald Trump appointed her as his Senior Advisor. Many have called it "nepotism" considering the links between them. But, what angers and triggers the public is her "unfitting" background for the position.

As per several reports, several individuals question the position that she has been given. There has been no apparent "transparency," which made the position, "unofficial" and "unpaid."

Even so, Ivanka Trump still does a lot of political advocacies since 2017. Reports even noted that she has been engaging herself with various official trips, which are all approved by the president, her father.

Recently, the second daughter of Donald Trump has been facing another backlash from netizens. Amid the NATO Summit in London, it was reported that Ivanka went on a two-day trip to Indiana with musician, MC Hammer.

As per Express UKIvanka Trump shared several photos of herself, alongside the musician at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The 38-year-old businesswoman and reality star also reportedly went to Indiana Women's Prison. All of these were posted on her social media account where she also shared about what she "learned" about prison reforms.

MC Hammer also posted a few details of their trip on social media. He stated that he enjoyed his talks with the president's daughter about prison reforms. Also, he spilled where they will head to next.

While the two personalities, certainly, meant no harm in posting such details on social media, they were criticized and "slammed" by netizens. As it happens, their two-day trip angered a lot of people considering that they are using the taxpayer's money for it.

Several individuals responded to the "tweets" made by Ivanka and MC, calling them out and deeming their trip as non-sense and pointless. Others also made similar responses stating that Ivanka Trump is a "#NepotismBarbie," who is "unfit and unqualified," so much to the fact that she is "unelected."

The criticisms and hateful comments are still becoming more apparent in recent times with regard to the trip. But, no comments or statements were heard from Donald Trump's daughter.

On MC Hammer's part, however, the case is different. As reported by publications, the musician answered one of the comments made toward him and Ivanka Trump. 

He responded that they are "creating opportunities" for the ones who are "incarcerated." Hammer also explained that this will create "access to job training" so, they can qualify for jobs once they go out of prison.

In the end, the musician left a sarcastic note by getting back on the netizens.