Two years ago, Prince Harry and Melania Trump met during the 2017 Invictus Games held in Toronto, Canada. As per reports, the two personalities had a sit-down talk, and a "photo-op" prior to the chat.

While many individuals applauded the First Lady of the United States' initiative to lead the country's representative for the games, a photo of her and the royal has attracted more attention up until recent times.

According to reports, the photo has become popular and iconic because it was too "controversial." As it happened, many have noticed the Duke of Sussex's hand was tucked in a very "unusual way."

As seen on the photo, Melania Trump stood straight beside the royal with her both arms and hand by her side. While the First Lady seemed to look formal and ready for the photo, Prince Harry's right hand was tucked into his jacket.

However, not all of his fingers are hidden. The duke's pinky and pointer fingers were on top of tuck, while his thumb, middle, and ring fingers are under the jacket.

This hand gesture made by the Duke of Sussex became a very "hot topic" among experts and fans. The reason being is that it looked like that he is making a hand signal.

In a scoop made by HuffPost Life, body-language experts, like Patty Wood, noted that Prince Harry made a hand gesture, which was also known as "the horn" or "the devil's horn." It was cleared out that the royal is not the devil, but, it was said to be a "warning" due to evil spirits' presence.

It was also added by other publications that this hand sign was a "protective gesture" against darkness or evil forces. Accordingly, many concluded that the duke was doing the hand sign because of Melania Trump.

Although several fans and supporters are convinced that the said theory was true, Kate Bennett, a reporter from CNN, believes otherwise. Based on claims, she said that the camera was just clicking all at once capturing the duke's hand in a very "weird position."

In her interview with The Daily Front Row, Kate explained that Prince Harry was just reaching for the button of his jacket. Aside from this, there was no hand gesture or hand sign made. He was not "throwing" a hidden sign, she added.

Whatever the case, though, this controversial photo of Melania Trump and Prince Harry is still creating a lot of noise today.