Prince Andrew is apparently not yet done with his latest controversy. The Duke of York is reportedly seeking to counter the statement of his accuser, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, with a second interview after she was featured on BBC Panorama.

According to reports, some of the palace officials are said to be against Prince Andrew's plans of going on television again to respond to Guiffre. Given how his first interview was ill-received by the public, senior palace staffers would rather have Prince Andrew talk to the authorities to help with the sex abuse and human trafficking case of his deceased friend, the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew's friend was still facing more cases when he took his life in prison last August 2019.

CNN royal commentator Victoria Arbiter revealed that lawyers for Epstein's victims have prepared subpoenas to summon Queen Elizabeth's son in case he steps on U.S. soil. With Epstein no longer present to give clarity to the case, they have been hoping that someone like Prince Andrew could fill in the blanks since he has stayed in Epstein's home and was at his legendary parties with the women. Arbiter believes that the people around the palace are making sure that Prince Andrew is out of the limelight or cameras so he won't likely be leaving the U.K. for a while.

Despite the alleged lockdown, sources told Vanity Fair that Prince Andrew hasn't drawn a line on the issues plaguing him at this point as he still wants to correct what he failed to say in the first interview. The Evening Standard reports, however, that Buckingham Palace is not aware of the duke's second interview plans.

Prince Andrew's recent absence from the media will not be for long, though. The Sun reported that the Duke of York will be joining Queen Elizabeth and the royal family for her annual Christmas day tradition in Sandringham.

Photographers and reporters will be at this event to document the royal family's special day. Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Duke of York can be expected to be at this gathering since he is still part of the family.

Previously, insiders at the palace said that there have been second guesses when it comes to Prince Andrew's presence during the Queen's Christmas in Sandringham. There were apparently great concerns that someone from the crowd could come out and publicly jeer the royals if Prince Andrew was to walk with them to church for Christmas. It could be a security risk, especially with Queen Elizabeth around.