When Donald Trump won the elections in 2016, the spotlight did not only focused on him but also included his family, especially his wife, Melania Trump and daughter, Ivanka Trump. While it was said that Melania and Ivanka have been close for the past two decades, despite not being related by blood, sources and analysts are now claiming that there is ongoing friction between the two.

According to reports Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump are "equally" influential and powerful. Even correspondents deemed them both as "smart and savvy."While being equal and similar in terms of perspectives, the same set of correspondents also agree that times have changed, and the First Lady and the First Daughter are now in not good terms.

Kate Bennett, a well-known CNN respondent revealed that the "friction" between the two women started when they entered the White House. This is because living their lives as members of the First Family is "challenging" and difficult.

It was also noted that it might probably have started even during the campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. The reason being is that Melania Trump was reportedly refusal to travel most of the time to campaign for the election. There was an apparent "uninterest" to "constant traveling," the journalist added.

Accordingly, Ivanka Trump stepped up and took her spot to help her father for the campaign. Considering that she is a "seasoned speaker," who does not mind being under the spotlight, she was a fit to fill her stepmother's shoes during the campaign.

With this kind of dynamic, it has created an "odd" situation for the First Lady and First Daughter in terms of their roles. Also, the switching of the front and back seats almost all the time likely ignited the friction between the two "key women" in Donald Trump's life.

The correspondent continued to share that Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump have their respective styles when it comes to "influencing" the incumbent president. These influences had become more evident when Donald Trump, himself, mentioned the positions of the two women in signing the executive order to finally end the "zero-tolerance separation policy."

Because of these "individualities" and frictions, Kate Bennett concluded that the First Lady and the First Daughter will continue "splitting" from each other in terms of their perspectives and movements within the administration. Nevertheless, this will still give them power and freedom, she added.

Kate Bennett also released a book titled, Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography. As per reports, the book also revealed that Melania Trump felt that Ivanka Trump is "invading" her "turf," and while they are "cordial," they are not entirely "close" with each other.