Meghan Markle made a big mistake for naively thinking that being a royal meant instant popularity. Royal expert Omid Scobie said that there were unrealistic expectations on her part, as well as the part of the royal family and the courtiers, including the press, that made this whole royal drama even more difficult.

in the podcast with fellow royal expert Victoria Arbiter, Scobie said that Meghan thought things would remain smooth-sailing if she started out in a good place. The Duchess of Sussex also expected that there would be a "honeymoon phase" with the press. Scobie said that Meghan naively believed she would be given a pass if she made mistakes as she learned her way through the royal life.

Meghan said in a televised interview in October 2019 that she was aware of the media scrutiny of the royal family. However, she did not expect that the media will not be fair as she became the frequent subject of adverse reports, particularly in the tabloid press. As a result, Meghan and Prince Harry filed lawsuits against three British media outlets.

Scobie also said that the expectations from Meghan were unrealistic. She wasn't given a chance to figure things out, and she also had some hopes that failed to satisfy her.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan are trying to settle into their new life as private individuals and non-active members of the royal family in Canada. Sources told Us Weekly that they are pretty eager to get on with their lives.

Meghan is reportedly excited to teach Prince Harry "the real world." The source said that since she doesn't come from a life used to millions and servants, the Duchess of Sussex has always been used to the idea of being the breadwinner.

The report went on to say that Meghan doesn't plan to go back to acting. Instead, Prince Harry is encouraging her to go into writing, producing or directing. He even closed a deal for her to do a voice-over for a Disney project.

As for the Duke of Sussex, plans are already underway for him to launch a new project with Sentebale, the charity he co-chairs. He wants to tap resources in North America to help young people who have HIV/AIDS In Africa.

While Meghan goes back to Hollywood and Prince Harry pursues his advocacy, they will raise Archie in an environment where he can grow up to enjoy a normal life. Sources close to the couple said that this was the duke's fervent wish for his son.