From $21 million to $100 million. This is allegedly now the cost of Kim Kardashian's most valuable asset: her butt.

According to the Globe, Kim had insured her butt for $100 million. The outlet's source claimed the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star's action is to boost "lost income."

"Kim takes credit for starting the booty craze, and she'd like to supplement lost income in case her prized asset stops being her moneymaker," the insider claimed.

Gossip Cop debunked the rumor, citing a rep for Kim who denied that claims of the tabloid. It is also unclear what the source meant by "lost income" other than Kim thinks her butt is her main moneymaker.

While it's true that Kanye West's wife is known for her curvy body, especially her backside, this is not her only source of income. Kim stars in the fan-favorite Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and she also has her shapewear and cosmetics empire.

It is worthy to note that this is not the first time that it was reported Kim wants to protect her body asset by insuring it. It was previously reported that the reality star insured her butt for $21 million. Kim is also allegedly paying a tailor $5,000 a day to make sure her clothes fit just right around her rear end.

Until today, there are still speculations that Kim had undergone a plastic surgery procedure to make her bottom bigger. The star had addressed the rumor by submitting herself to a butt X-ray on KUWTK Season 6 to prove that she does not have silicone butt implants, but many don't believe her.

Over the years, Kim has endured public judgment about her body. The most recent one was when she was accused of having ribs removal procedure so she can fit into her 2019 Met Gala body-hugging outfit.

In an interview with the WSJ Magazine in July 2019, Kim shut down the rumors. She remembered the pain she had to endure in wearing the iconic minidress.

Vogue Magazine also released a video of Kim fitting the dress. The star can be seen in the clip having a hard time walking and sitting while wearing the waist-snatching corset underneath the silicon-made dress.

In the same interview with WSJ, the mother-of-four also recalled the harsh media scrutiny she underwent after she gained weight during pregnancy. She admitted that it broke her for a while.