There is no doubt that RM is a genius. In fact, the BTS leader’s IQ score is 148. This means that he’s very gifted and highly advanced, putting him in the upper crust of highly intelligent people in society.

But RM is not only academically intelligent as he’s also very smart when it comes to music, the entertainment industry, and a lot more. With this kind of intelligence, many are probably very curious as to how the BTS star’s brain works. Surprisingly, fans can now feed this curiosity through the contents of his wallet.

RM once revealed the contents of his wallet so an expert would evaluate what kind of brain he had, left or right-sided. Despite his genius status, the BTS star is clumsy and loses things quite often. With that said, RM showed an empty wallet during the interview, explaining that he lost his original wallet and had to buy a new one.

Since he didn’t have enough time to put all his stuff inside the new wallet, RM only had two cards inside. The BTS leader then shared that he even lost a very important thing in Korea — his identification card.

“I recently lost my wallet,” RM said. “Yeah, I also lost my ID card.”

RM then revealed that he’s the kind of person who buys a lot of stuff in one go, so he decided to only carry a debit card and not a credit card, so he wouldn’t encourage such behavior. This revelation is very interesting as RM and the rest of the BTS members are multi-millionaires who can buy anything that they want without having to worry about the price. But RM just proved to everyone that he wants to live a simple and humble life.

“I tend to splurge a lot,” the BTS leader said. “I might go bankrupt before I even save up much money.”

After seeing the contents of his wallet, RM was informed that he was right-sided, based on the way he organized the items inside. Shockingly, despite his wallet being bare, the result fits the 25-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer perfectly.

“Right-brained people, on the other hand, exceed in creativity, colors, music, drawing — those kinds of arts. Music and physical education,” the expert said.

RM has written over 100 songs with BTS. He also composes and produces music for BTS and other artists as well. Despite his young age, RM is considered to be one of the most respected leaders in the K-Pop industry.