Although Jimin is a part of BTS’ “Maknae Line,” he is more on the “Sexy” side than the “Cute” side. While the younger members are usually branded as adorable, Jimin has that seductive look that makes ARMYs forget that he’s one of the youngest members of the Big Hit Entertainment boy group.

Now, BTS’ Concept Photos for “Map Of The Soul: 7” are driving ARMYs into a frenzy after seeing Jimin’s new look. The BTS star has been sporting a lighter hair color for quite a long while now, and his recent one was platinum blonde. But for this particular photo shoot, Jimin’s locks were dyed back to dark and fans couldn’t handle it.

Big Hit Entertainment released seven individual photos and one group photo for BTS’ Concept Photos for “Map Of The Soul: 7” on Feb. 9. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook looked immaculate in their all-white ensemble, as they were surrounded by floating white feathers in a mysterious location.

Fans are loving all the photos, but there’s something about Jimin’s solo snap that took ARMYs’ breathes away. The 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and dancer looked like a piece of artwork that fans decided to “frame” it.

ARMYs have been editing Jimin’s recent solo picture and adding a frame to it. But these are not just some random frames. Fans replaced all the framed popular classic artworks into Jimin’s concept photo for “Map Of The Soul: 7.” (Check out the snaps here).

Meanwhile, one fan took their editing skill to the next level. Instead of just adding a frame to Jimin’s concept photo like everyone else, they made a concept of their own.

The Army added a lighter to Jimin’s hand, while a white man was burning inside the dark void on the floor, suggesting that the BTS star set him on fire. The burning white male was no other than Jimin’s super fan Oli London.

While ARMYs support each other most of the time, they despise Oli London as he’s taking things a little too far. He underwent countless surgical procedures to look like the BTS star.

Oli London also married Jimin’s standee, which is too creepy for ARMYs to support. He also claimed that every time he goes to Korea, people always call him “Jimin” because they look “identical.”

His delusional ways anger a lot of ARMYs, which led to this brutal yet funny edit. (Check it out here).

“Map of the Soul: 7” is set to be released on February 21. BTS’ official music video for their lead single will be revealed on February 28.