Unlike the Xbox Series X of Microsoft, which was already unveiled, Sony has not yet revealed the PlayStation 5. The official unveiling of Sony's next-generation gaming console is one of the most awaited event this year, aside from the arrival of the PS5 in the holiday season. While Sony has not yet disclosed the specific date of the PS5 unveiling, a recent tweet from one of Sony's executives has been the center of speculations among fans.

Where is PS5?

Recently, a fan asked Sony Interactive Entertainment Executive Shuhei Yoshida, where is the PS5. The executive was quick to respond to the query and tweeted an image of PS5 or "Persona 5." If you take a look at the poster, you could see that it has a date of Feb. 20, 2020. While some fans interpreted it as just the executive trolling, several others gave it a different meaning.

The date, according to them, could be the official unveiling of the PS5, which falls on a Thursday. Earlier, Sony launched the official website of the PS5 and said that it could not yet fully reveal the PlayStation 5. But, when is Sony's next-generation gaming console unveiling?

PS5 Unveiling

Speculations have it that Sony might reveal the PlayStation 5 in the last week of Feb. or in the early part of March. Earlier rumors suggested that Sony would open PS5 pre-order in March. It could mean that the Japanese console maker could unveil the game earlier than the pre-order date.

A massive PS5 leak on 4Chan claimed earlier that Sony might not fully unveil the PS5 in one sitting. Sony, according to the leak, might hold several events to partially unveil the next generation gaming console until its release date to keep the hype. The Japanese gaming console maker is also attending a big gaming event, the Pax East, which could also be a venue to unveil the PlayStation 5.

At this point, nothing is official yet, and these dates are mere speculations. Fans are hoping to finally see or even get a glimpse of the PS5 to prove if it would not really look like the dev kit circulating online. Technically, dev kits have a different design than the final product that Sony would release before the year ends.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan said earlier that there are lots of major features about the PS5 that are not yet revealed. The CEO also said that the specs and features that were earlier announced were just a preview of the future tech that the PlayStation 5 would offer to its users.