BTS has reached the superstardom status and their worldwide success lead them to jump from one place to another. With that said, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are too busy with their careers that they don’t have time for love.

But in a previous radio broadcast, Suga revealed that even female idols don’t come near him for one particular reason — his legs may be prettier than theirs. The funny part is that he may be right.

Suga is considered to be one of the most serious members of BTS. Well, that is if you’ll base it on his on-stage persona, Agust D. But the real Min Yoongi is someone who has a good sense of humor. His personality is calm and chill compared to the rush of energy that the other group members have, but that does not mean that Suga doesn’t have some fun things up his sleeves.

The BTS star said during the interview that he doesn’t wear shorts unless it is needed in the photoshoot, music videos, album concepts, etc. because he felt that his legs are too pale and feminine. In comparison to the other members, Suga’s legs are definitely a lot thinner and paler. The radio station hosts were even shocked to see how skinny and feminine his legs were.

Although RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook dance almost daily, it seems like the 26-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer just couldn’t gain muscles in his legs.

In fact, lucky ARMYs who got the chance to meet BTS in person shared that one thing that they quickly noticed about Suga is how pale he is in real life. Also, they said that he looks skinnier than in photos and videos.

“Suga is small. Very thin. Very pale. Actually, none of the members look as pale as they look in their photos. Except Yoongi. I would say he is even paler, he glows,” one fan wrote in the online forum, Quora. “Suga is a lot smaller (height and weight wise) in person. His skin is perfect and truly glows in real life - he didn’t even seem to sweat that much,” another one shared.

Also, ARMYs shared that despite Suga’s “IDGAF” look and extremely deep voice, he is more on the “cute” side in person. “He looks like he would make squeaky sounds with each step he takes. That’s how cute and fluffy he is — unlike what he has everyone believe on camera,” a fan said.